62 Market Street Naremburn NSW 2065.

Application withdrawn by Applicant and request was for advice only. 1 x Casuarina - Advice - Age and size 1 x not known - Advice - Age and size 1 x not known - Advice - Age and size

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 4 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Willoughby City Council, reference TVPA-2019/285)


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  1. Amanda Smith commented

    Why are the trees being removed? The landscape of our suburbs is being destroyed . More and more trees are being removed usually for develpment. There is no information about the trees. I object to their removal .

  2. Logical Assessment commented

    Amanda - looks like you are objecting to multiple applications due to your personal agenda like your objection at 43 Hebert Street.
    Read why they want to remove the trees.
    Naremburn has one of the highiest density of trees in residential Australia.

  3. Bronwyn Wilson commented

    It is commendable that residents such as Amanda object to the removal of trees. She has this right as a concerned citizen. It is very noticeable that many trees are being chopped down on the lower north shore seemingly to accommodate new constructions. This Planning Alerts forum is proof of that.
    We can only hope that the Officers at the various councils are diligent in their assessment of each application. Otherwise there will be no leafy north shore in years to come and the bird population will diminish drastically.
    My experience is that they are conscientious in their assessments and don’t allow removal unless it is very necessary. There should be a policy of replacing each tree that is removed with two trees planted in a more suitable position. Keep up your objections Amanda, I read them and I assume the council officers do as well.

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