49 Creek Road, Burpengary East QLD 4505

Request to Change (Minor) - Operational Works - Development Permit for Advertising Device

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 4 months ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Moreton Bay Regional Council, reference 2018/36241/VCHG/1)


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  1. Donald Campbell commented

    This land was cleared over 3 years ago and we are having to clean all the dust from the empty block from our house, roof, and solar system; residents Pacific Palms Village feel vulnerable from the outside elements!

    It would have been better for the land to be left alone as we had so much flora and fauna, many would have been killed, including a Koala, when I wrote to the council, their lack of interest was horrific. It's time something was done with that land once and for all; I think it is time for the council to be investigating.

  2. Lynette Moon commented

    This block was a beautiful green space with a small rain forest and many trees. It was alive with native animals and birds - without notice, the huge machinery moved in over 3 years ago and took down every tree and demolished it in a few hours. There it sat - eventually, some of the trees grew back, they moved in again and cleared the block a second time and left a dust bowl. Some drainage work was done and concrete paths laid.
    So now we have a block with "landing lights" along the concrete paths, A huge mound of soil that is covered with weeds, the odd sapling and the rest? Your guess is as good as mine. The only benefit that I see is that when it rains the ducks like the puddles. What an absolute disgraceful waste of a once-thriving green space, which are few and far between up here in Queensland. This Council is only interested in the mighty dollar, as whoever passed this block for development must have been paid to pass it as it floods - trucking in loads of soil day after day to bring the level up to avoid this must certainly have cost the previous owner quite a few dollars and to what end? Now apparently Ingenia own it - we put up with the dust for months and now once again it shall start - months and months of huge machinery and dust to contend with. Shame on your Council, shame on you.

  3. LGC commented

    Couldnt agree more with these comments. Its almost same where we are on opposite side in Burpengary. The once land full of trees and wildlife and what drew us to the area is now made ip of townhouses, tiny town housing areas and a gigantic truck and bus area. As mentioned in many comments ive made, our views from all areas of our home are now ulluminating truck signs and humming of truck and bus buisness. We can even hear the PA announcements. The highway noise is now much louder since they knocked down all trees and opened space up. Not to mention the congestion of Burpengary now. To get from train station to shops took me 25minutes due to over congestion and growth. Our once lovely area is fast turning into a Morayfield. I feel for people above. MBRC are disgraceful with what they hve done and allowed to the area. Now we have a once a tree area being pulled down to make way for a pokie club. Disgraceful and yes, shame on you council and your greed

  4. Trish Wilson commented

    We had to move from Burpengary to Morayfield after the third time our home flooded -- 2009, 2011, and the worst in 2015. The worst flood was made worse due to lots of landfill by developers around us. We have 10 acres which we registered as land for wildlife because of our wonderful population of roos, koalas, possums, flying squirrels, etc., etc. It was almost stripped of trees when we bought the land over 20 years back, and my husband got busy and planted trees especially for koalas. We hoped to sell the property in order to buy another one, and, with the housing estates on one side and along the back fence, only developers were interested. However, MBRC, in their wisdom, decided to change the zoning so that developers were excluded, and they classified most of our block as protected because of the trees we had planted. Unfortunately this undervalued the property and made it impossible to sell. So, we had to move and get into debt again to do it. My husband is a sick man, so there was no choice in the matter. The flooding was bad in 2015, and at our age we knew we would never be able to deal with it again.

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