37 Banks Road, Eltham North VIC 3095

Construction of five (5) dwellings and removal of native vegetation and reduction of one visitor car space.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 year ago. It was received by them 4 months earlier.

(Source: Nillumbik Shire Council, reference 138/2019/03P)


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  1. Julianne Napolitano commented

    I can’t believe another one this time 5 oh me goodness this is a limited access street too so in an emergency there would be a traffic jam to get out and as the last fire to come though Eltham north that took out the primary school when right up that hillside the wildlife habitat is being destroyed everyone thinks it’s only one subdivision but this cash grab is getting out of control the infrastructure. Can’t cope now things are just getting out of control when will this over developing stop when we look like Boxhill or Doncaster

  2. Sami Makelainen commented

    5 dwellings is highly excessive in the area zoned as "semi-bush". Other developments on the road have been two dwellings on blocks of similar size.

  3. Helen Ferguson commented

    5 dwellings is way too much for this area. This density housing belongs in the inner suburbs, not in Eltham. Loss of native vegetation cannot continue. This street is not wide enough for high density living where most dwellings have 2 or more vehicles, potentially another 10 + cars on this property....really.???

  4. Caitlin commented

    This area of Eltham North has high value biodiversity meaning all vegetation should be maintained in order for Nillumbik Shire Council to achieve its strategic objectives of protecting the green wedge's at risk native flora and fauna. There is no public transport within walking distance meaning a high dependency on cars. There is also limited on street parking meaning increasing density will lead to increased congestion. A more appropriate development would be 2 dwellings. Anymore is excessive and detrimental to the neighbourhood character of Eltham North. Planning zones must be swiftly changed to ensure no more subdivisions can occur. The population of Eltham and Eltham North cannot sustain a higher population as the infrastructure is not built to support an increase in population.

  5. Mary McCleary commented

    For heavens sake! How much more subdivision is going to be allowed ? Yet more clearance of native vegetation Eltham’s population is going to double at this rate. Enough is enough

  6. Catherine Leigh commented

    5 dwellings are just too much for this block. Consider each house having a minimum of 2 vehicles , the street is not capable to have that many additional vehicles.
    I moved to Eltham over 15 years ago for the large blocks and the beautiful green suburb, it’s so sad to see what has happened to Eltham with everything being built on top of each other. We will start to become the next Doncaster or BoxHill. Very very sad.

  7. Maxine Fowler commented

    What is the council thinking if it allows 5 homes on a block of land that has one house. Banks Road is a narrow rollover curb street. We also have drain covers which get dislodged when cars have to move further off the road because of the narrow road. These buildings are near a very narrow dangerous bend in the road.
    You must keep to the left of the road either way or there could be a head on collision.
    To have 5 houses with at least two cars per house and visitors cars would cause absolute chaos in parking and access to driving down the road. This road had one home per block of land we now have more than one house per block and no consideration is taken for the residents who have lived here as to any obstructions that occur with a new building.

  8. L rose commented

    I agree
    Stop subdivision
    Save the green wedge corridor
    Stop being greedy council
    Change the laws
    Increase rates if you have to

  9. Graham Toner commented

    Genuinely concerned about safety given the narrowness of this street and the position of the block on an already dangerous corner. How could permission be granted for something that is likely to attract the potential for dangerous obstructions? Council needs to be able to provide evidence that resident’s safety would not be compromised as a result of this application proceeding. The precedent this could set for this and surrounding streets requires an infrastructure review to be conducted alongside this and any similar request. Stand up and take responsibility Council.

  10. James Fowler commented

    My concerns about allowing 5 houses to be built in banks road are as follows.
    Parking on a dangerous corner during building when we have had the council paint a white line on the blind dangerous corner when a new building was built on the property next to where the property is asking for 5 houses to be built.
    If the 5 houses were allowed to be built their is no frontage suitable for visitors cars on banks road.
    The present house is not visible from the road. 5 homes would drastically change the look of the street scape.
    Banks road has a rural treed appearance with the removal of vegetation on the block for the house would change the look of our road.
    Narrow road, dangerous corner, more traffic not a good combination.
    5 houses is overloading a block in our private rural street.

  11. Sami Makelainen commented

    (this is an amendment to my previous objection)

    Having read the planning application documents, the project fails in a number of important ways. The premise is that it responds to the "Medium Density Housing Policy", which is clear it does not. For example, the site is nowhere near community facilities or commercial centres, both of which should be within 400m of the site according to the said medium housing policy.

    Anyone walking down Banks Road will also immediately come to the conclusion that the proposed development of 5 dwellings would indeed detract from the character of the area. I find the reduction of the visitor car spaces also unacceptable - this is a large block on a narrow street, and if visitor car park requirements cannot be fulfilled, it is a clear indication of trying to cram too many buildings on the site.

    The appropriate development on the block would be two dwellings or, if managed very carefully, a maximum of three. Four, or as is the case here, five, is completely out of line for the area.

    There is a proper place for medium density development, but Banks Road is not it - the guidelines of Medium Density Housing Policy, which this proposal fails to fulfil, are a clear indication of that.

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