36 Hordern Street Newtown NSW 2042

Section 4.55(2) modification of consent for a rear studio. Proposed changes include amendments to the design of the rear studio and to delete Conditions 5 to 8 inclusive relating to tree retention.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 1 year ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: City of Sydney, reference D/2016/1808/B)


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  1. Roger Trumpy commented

    Considering the previous proposal was refused due to the lack of solar access on southern side, once (or if) the ‘required’ tree is planted and grown, there will still be no solar access. As a household who suffers from this, it is a serious issue as it can never really be recovered. Also - how is this ‘studio’ not a ‘dwelling’? Bathroom, windows - it’s a rentable flat if a kitchenette was quietly slipped in.

  2. John Flint commented

    Commenting on Roger Trumpy's submission on Planning Alert website...

    The 3D solar access diagrams don't have the shadow on the adjoining property clearly displayed. From what I can see the 3D diagrams are not consistent with the 2D diagrams. For instance for the 1pm shadow the fence appears to be overshadowing the legs of the table and chairs whereas in the 2D diagram almost the entire table and chairs are in sunlight.

    On the Shadow Diagrams it states:
    FOR 4 HOURS (PLAN TAKEN @ 1M HIGH FROM THE NGL, ref to section )

    I note from;

    The requirement for shadow diagrams is;
    "show the extent of additional overshadowing cast by the proposed development at ground level and the windows of adjoining and surrounding premises."

    The shadow diagrams are showing the shadows cast at 1m above ground level rather than at ground level. This will exaggerate the amount of sunlight. The requirement for 8M2 of sunlight is at ground level.

    I would suggest that the diagrams be redone according to the requirements and the application resubmitted.

    In regard to the studio. It would seem that its likely use will be as a self contained airbnb apartment with private external access. I don't have a view if this would be a good thing or not but it should be called out for what it is and an assessment based on its merits.

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