113 Nuwarra Road Moorebank NSW 2170

The demolition of existing structures,removal of trees and the construction of four storey residential flat building with basement carparking and associated landscaping

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 year ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Liverpool City Council, reference DA-488/2019)


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  1. Pino commented

    Don't like or want any more apartments in this area,congestion and traffic will become overcrowded especially when you add everything else going up.plus all these apartments and a shopping center so small can hardly park there now.I'm against these proposals cause because it's all money driven and greedy and don't care about existing residents,so no no no.

  2. Aileen Guillermo commented

    Please consider another area such as buying out a warehouse lot along Newbridge road instead. Please do not use this spot (as in the diagram above) when the way to the community centre and the Nuwarra public school is already quite tight.

  3. nada beydoun commented

    how about adding a footpath for people to walk on? curtis crescent for starters? no footpath? right near shops and school and no footpath

  4. Sharna commented

    What a terrible proposal for an already choked part of Moorebank. No regard for the local area just out to make profit. How can the surrounds cope with this added congestion. It is already a nightmare travelling down Nuwarra in peak and around school hours. George's Fair traffic has increased travelling time and often traffic is backed up from Heathcote road right up to Newbridge road from people trying to access the M5. The roads and the shops are needing to be upgraded also from the other units being built around its corner. What about the library and community centre? Does Nuwarra PS have capacity for additional students? I understand the housing structure of the future is changing, but this location is not suitable.

  5. Carolyn Caudle commented

    Enough is enough!! No more apartment in the area. We drive around and around the village carpark now looking for a space and the construction on Nuwarra Rd isn't even finished! There appears to be no consideration of existing residents. The whole area is a dump.

  6. Karen Pickering commented

    From a resident on Lucas Ave for 40 plus years I cannot stress enough how much this development amongst the recently built has impacted on the community. First generation home owners in the area are being pushed out due to the stress of living amongst these developments. I’m completely fathomed as to why the communities issues with high dense living in Moorebank is falling on deaf ears with Council. Assuming that these units are one car space each this will have a knock on effect to public transport which is already maxed out at Holsworthy. Our local shopping village parking is permanently overcrowded. The list goes on. Councils are public servants and are not acting in the public’s favour with this, it’s clearly obvious that this only benefits Councils revenue and developers. Not good PR, you need to put your ears to the ground guys.

  7. Sueellen vallorani commented

    No more apartments in Moorebank! Already enough traffic congestion as it is! Can't even find a parking in the shopping centre. And the other block of units being built isn't even done yet. Enough dumping this rubbish on us!

  8. Annette Peckham commented

    Stop with these apartment blocks! The ones already in the process of being built are an eyesore! Moorebank is over crowded, Nuwarra Rd is congested already.
    Hard enough trying to find parking at Moorebank shops.

  9. Helen Carter commented

    How can this be happening to Moorebank?? Where is the nameless representative for this area on the Council?? Residents appear to have no voice in regards to housing/unit developments in the area in the past and present and it has been shown that Council has no interest in what residents think anyway

  10. Kylie thumpkins commented

    The current infrastructure of moorebank cannot sustain a further influx of residents. The 3 new unit complexes around Nuwarra+ this will put hundreds of extra cars on an already overburdened road network not to mention that Holsworthy station and Liverpool do not have the car park facilities for commuters to get to work. PLUS the duplexes and townhouses in ikara, Elouera and araluen - the infrastructure and services (Stockland shops) are already overstretched. This will destroy the community and quality of life

  11. Penny Dunbar commented

    Why do you continue to do this Liverpool Council????? How many more trees are you going to allow to be destroyed and NOT replaced? I've counted over 70 trees just in our surrounding streets destroyed and the developments are not replacing any of them.
    The apartments on Nuwarra Rd are already out of character with the area . The ones in construction now are a monstrousity .., so lacking in any aesthetics, hugging the road .
    Now you want more of the same ? Where are these people going to shop? Do you know that residents are leaving the area to go shopping as it is a nightmare due to lack of parking in our local shopping village.
    Stop ... just stop . How many more comments , more residents meetings saying no do you need. It just seems that you don't understand the people you are supposedly representing . Yes there will be development but please please make them reasonable .

  12. Mary commented

    How is this going to work with the traffic in the area. It is already a joke.

    Also the units will overlook into the preschool playground, there must be some law that prohibits that.

  13. Kathryn Cunneen commented

    Moorebank is unable to sustain current traffic requirements, so to add another apartment block is very short-sighted. Nuwarra road is already in gridlock and needs to be widen to two lanes each way as it is a major thoroughfare between the M5 and Newbridge road. Unfortunately, that option has been reduced due to previous blocks already constructed. Council needs to consider traffic needs first, not just immediate and future needs.

  14. Nicole Jones commented

    No more apartment or multi dwellings in Moorebank. We are already Over populated + it’s Impacting on schools, shops and parking in the area

  15. Mark commented

    Clearly someone is council is taking bribes

  16. S Dwyer commented

    I am most concerned about the traffic flow of cars coming from this building turning from and into Nuwarra Road just 50m from a major intersection which is congested and has a history of accidents.
    A driveway located next to the preschool with cars coming and going all day will add to the danger for both the preschool and the high rise as cars will be entering and exiting the building throughout the day.
    Will cars be able to turn right from Nuwarra Road into the apartments? This sounds like a major risk. I witness cars and trucks speeding through the red lights at this intersection on an almost daily basis.
    And where will any additional cars park? Hopefully not on Nuwarra Road. That's just not going to work!

  17. Meaghan Clark commented

    Not happy about this proposal so it’s a massive NO from me. Nuwarra road is completely shadowed by the latest appartments and I agree with other comments that they are not aesthetically pleasing nor fitting in with the area. You allowed George’s Fair to develop 5-10 years ago as a housing estate and then you approve these cheap alternatives to get people in the area only to overcrowd and devalued it. The people of moorebank are not impressed with the choices you are making for the community you serve. Enough is enough.

  18. Kathryn Lord commented

    We cannot accommodate any more high rise in this section of Moorebank. Traffic and parking is horrendous. The Moorebank Library carpark is already being used by those from other high rise who don't have anywhere else to park. Moorebank Shopping Centre does not have near enough parking spaces for the locals who want to shop there and our local bus service only comes once every hour out of peak time. We just do not have the infrastructure to cope with any more high rise developments.

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