68 Ramsgate Avenue Bondi Beach NSW 2026

Remove one (1) Melaleuca Quinquenervia located adjacent to rear east boundary.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 4 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Waverley Council, reference TPO-209/2019)


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  1. A Hendriks commented

    I respond to applications for the removal of trees very often, which is disturbing in this densely populated municipality.
    Once again this application should be denied , it is a native tree and the application does not give a reason for the removal. Preserve it.

  2. David Groves commented

    I should respond to more applications to remove trees.
    There r usually very good reasons why people want to remove trees - why don't we let them be removed but on the basis that they r replaced with 2 or 3 more trees of a certain minimum size & as part of a Council scheme whereby the replacements r checked annually for say the next 3 years.
    Spend Council time on ensuring we get more trees in Bondi not on arguing over keeping the few we have..
    Every time one of these applications is successful we have a net tree loss!

  3. Layne commented

    There are so few trees in Bondi, that Council should put the onus on each Applicant, to justify removal of habitat.
    Stop the advance of Cement!
    Plant trees - don't remove them!

  4. KHD commented

    I agree with all of these comments!
    Is incredible how Waverly council constantly approves these removal of trees from our area! It is assumed the council are meant to be the caretakers of the environment. Not!
    If it’s so important that established trees are to be removed, why is there no obvious solution to have the trees replaced with something more suitable instead of leaving barren stumps?
    Our councils seem to think that progression with dire consequences is ok for our wildlife and future generations.
    There’s no wonder why our planet is struggling and we have the most amount of species becoming extinct in the world. It all starts with 1 tree!
    Waverly Council, do something to protect our environment!

  5. Monika commented

    I am also extremely frustrated as the removal and replacement of trees is not followed up either. Waverley Council no one wants to live in a suburb without trees! Take note of the comments on this thread and many others as they are a good reflection of what your community thinks of your choices.

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