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  1. 180 Gannons Road Caringbah South NSW 2229
    about 23 hours ago, 1.9 km away

    The crown of a scribbly gum tree in my front yard fell during the big storm on 20 January 2020 and landed on my carport roof. This is the third time it has dropped a branch, but this is the most significant event involving the top half of the tree. The tree now looks unstable, as the remaining major branches are also twisted and rubbing against each other. I'm concerned that it may fail imminently. I've had a tree lopper look at it who has also advised that it looks unstable. The tree is in my front yard but on the boundary with council land, hangs over the footpath, powerlines, and the road. I request an urgent assessment and approval to remove it before it causes further damage to property, my family, or the public. Thank you.

  2. 7 Sunset Avenue Cronulla NSW 2230
    14 days ago, 1.9 km away

    * The tree is too large and oversized for the close proximity to the house * It is less than 4metres away from front of the house * It overhangs the house and the power lines * Branches often fall from it including two large ones recently from the previous storms, one landed two houses away and the other on power lines and Ausgrid needed to remove it - photos to show * It overhangs the council footpath which is used extensively in the morning and afternoon by children and families going to and from the pre-school 4 houses away * It overhangs the house and front bedroom creating real potential for severe damage to the house and/or injury or death * It has damaged the neighbour's driveway and continues to do so from invasive roots * 4th request

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