1 Twenty Fifth Avenue, Palm Beach QLD 4221

Operational Works Public Landscaping

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 year ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Gold Coast City Council, reference OPW/2019/998)


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  1. Ben Rowles commented

    I strongly OBJECT to this Development. The reckless disregard of City Plan Guidelines is again evident in the Developers Plans for this address. The Setbacks and the Lack of Communal Open Space is completely outside City Plan Guidelines. The Palm Beach area has been inundated with high density high rises that drastically exceed City Plan Guidelines and the suburb is struggling with excess traffic, blocked streets and dangerous cranes. There is no current infrastructure to support the continued approval of such developments. Light Rail is at least a decade away, if it ever even happens as there are no funds available to even commence Stage 3A. The Esplanade can not handle this influx of cars and extra traffic movements.
    Please adhere to City Plan Guidelines and REFUSE this development.

  2. Kevin Kunst commented

    I’m completely OPPOSED to this Development and I am submitting my OBJECTION. Palm Beach is suffering from the High Density High Rises that are currently under construction. To add more High Rises to a suburb that has one on ramp for the M1 and is land locked between the 2 creeks... Tallebudgera and Currumbin Creeks, is reckless. City Plan Guidelines should be followed and not ignored by the GCCC. This development will destroy the amenity of the area and the setbacks are outside City Plan Guidelines. This will create chaos in our narrow laneways. The infrastructure can not support this development. Your planned Light Rail has no funding. It’s at least 8 years away. If ever!
    The loss of sunshine and privacy for neighboring residents is despicable. Please adhere to City Plan Guidelines. Please refuse this Development and others like it.

  3. Dominique commented

    There are almost 10 new Development approvals that have past through council or are waiting (to surely) be passed by council for the northern end of palm beach alone. All outside our town planning regulations for density, plot ratio, communal areas and green space, all with major consequences to neighbouring properties.
    Our narrow corridor of the coast cannot sustain the current community and tourism influx, let alone with the current, and evident, lack of future planning foresight by council for mass high density living and over supply of accommodation.
    We have city guidelines and city plans for a reason, failure to do so only destroys economic growth and the local economy.

  4. Shannon commented

    I strongly OBJECT to this development for the same reasons as the other concerned citizens of the Gold Coast - especially living in the southern end of the Coast, Palm Beach. This development application exceeds town planning as have quite a number of other buildings that have somehow been approved despite city plan guidelines.

    This beautiful part of the Coast is being destroyed by over development. Our infrastructure cannot handle the increase of people in this small space. The Gold Coast Highway is already too busy as is access to the M1. The Gold Coast City Council using the potential light rail as an excuse to allow these over density buildings to be approved is a disgrace. Crime has already increased and safety is a concerning issue for the residents that live here.

    People once used to come to the Gold Coast as tourists to get away from city life and concrete buildings to enjoy sunshine our beautiful beaches. Now these beaches are packed, becoming more littered with rubbish and are in shadows.

    This is not the life that families wanted and are objecting to in increasing numbers on a daily basis. This council should be ashamed of themselves destroying our beautiful city for their own short term gain.

    Once again the residents of the Gold Coast ask that the council adhere to City Guidelines and reject this excessive development and any more that come through. Enough is enough.

  5. Karen Rowles commented

    This Development is drastically outside the City Plan Guidelines. It clearly will cause stress and anger to the owners of the adjoining property. The Setbacks are outside City Plan Guidelines and are unacceptable to the community. There are so many developments already under construction in Palm Beach. Most, if not all are OUTSIDE CITY PLAN GUIDELINES. There’s no infrastructure to support the extra cars or people. Light Rail Stage 3B is at least a decade away, as the government can’t even secure funding for Stage 3A. There is massive opposition to Stage 3B. You may never build it. Stop approving any Plan that does not adhere perfectly to City Plan Guidelines. Why do we have Guidelines, only to constantly be ignored by this reckless Planning Committee.

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