Kanangra drive, Gwandalan,

Gwandalan - Modification 4 to amend the requirement for nest boxes and salvaged hollows within Stage 7 of the development.

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  1. Meredith and Brian Corrigan commented

    We have a nesting box at home that is used once a year by Eastern Rosellas. The boxes and hollows that have been installed within this development have not been in place for a lengthy period so we do not imagine the animals will be fully utilising. Time of placement is critical.
    It is imperative these boxes and hollows are retained.

  2. Tamara Gregoric commented

    Nesting boxes are not used 12 months a year. Although not all are currently being used they will undoubtedly be used in the months leading up to sporting and throughout the summer.
    This new development encompasses a significant amount of old growth trees that have been used by generations of wildlife. As these trees are removed, wildlife will be looking for new homes. As such, it is presumptuous to remove the allotted nesting boxes prior to development.
    It is in the best interest of local wildlife and our community to deny this application.

  3. Patricia Eckart commented

    The mass removal of trees due to developments has a devastating effect on our wildlife and plants. We do not agree with the removal of allotted nesting boxes just to satisfy a developers wishes, our environment is much more important than that. There may look like a lot of land available but flora and fauna need their traditional areas to survive.

  4. Kim Morris commented

    It seems this developer continually tries to cut costs by not investing in necessary environment and infrastructure programs, that will lessen the impact on both wildlife and residents.
    Not wanting to upgrade a major intersection to the highway until after the final stages of the development, and now not wanting to provide nesting boxes to lessen the impact of tree and habitat removal, for the abundant wildlife in the development zone.
    The local community are very passionate about preserving our wildlife and beautiful, unique area, and hope you take all of the above into account, before considering this latest amendment.

  5. April A commented

    Considering the clearing that will happen to accommodate this development. It would be unwise environmentally to remove the nesting and hollows. Allowing the room for bird families and people to grow together would better.

  6. John Maine commented

    Everything must be done to retain native animals when so many trees are going to be removed. Surely with such a large development the supply and maintenance of a few nesting boxes won't break the bank

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