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18 Dolphin Street Randwick NSW 2031

Construction of 6x2 storey attached town houses and basement.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website almost 2 years ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Randwick City Council, reference DA/371/2019)

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  1. nick commented

    This development is characterised as a "Development Application - Construction of 6x2 storey attached town houses and basement." The plans submitted clearly show a 3 storey development with basement.

    The orientation of the town houses runs West to East with the backyards on the Eastern side. This is counter to every other house and block in the Street. Recent construction in the street has all been 2 storey developments..

    The design has a significant impact on 20 Dolphin Street which would now have 6 backyards running along its Eastern boundary - shadowing, noise and privacy are a significant concern. All 3 levels of the proposed design have floor to ceiling windows with a terrace on the 3rd level - there appears to be no consideration for screening or noise reduction on any level. Given the topography of the site which already sits considerably higher than 20 Dolphin this development a third level is not appropriate regardless if it fits into spec. In fact on the Western/Dolphin Street boundary the site is non-compliant as stated by the developer. The third level needs to be removed.

    Traffic - this section of Dolphin Street is small and already heavily congested. Every morning and afternoon its a car park for 20 minutes and used as a rat run during the day. There is in fact a joint committee sponsored by council between residents and Claremont College to help manage the traffic flow. Adding more cars and entry and exit on Dolphin Street further exacerbates the issue.

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