23 Tudibaring Parade, Macmasters Beach NSW 2251

Removal of Tree 1- Hibiscus sp, Tree 2- Araucaria hetyerphylla (Norfolk island pine), Tree 3 - Banksia integrifolia (coastal banksia), Tree 4 - Pinus radiata (monterey pine), Tree 5- Hibiscus sp, Tree 6- Banksia integrifolia (coastal banksia), Tree 7 - Banksia integrifolia (coastal banksia), Tree 8 - Olea europaea ssp Africana (African olive), Tree 11 - Banksia integrifolia (coastal banksia), Tree 19 - Banksia integrifolia (coastal banksia), Tree 20 - Banksia integrifolia (coastal banksia), Tree 21 - Lagunaria (norfolk island hibiscus).Approval to: Prune Tree 9 - Ficus macrophylla (moreton

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 11 months ago. It was received by them 13 days earlier.

(Source: Central Coast Council (Gosford), reference 024.2019.00011635.001 )


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  1. Joel Tudor commented

    Coastal Banksias are native to this part of the coastal habitat and should be left alone.

  2. Lee Wilmott commented

    Is this area which I believe has bush turkey nests being g denuded for development and what is it being replaced with

  3. elaine norling commented

    People say they move to the coast because of its beauty but seem to think altering the landscape improves things?
    Trees are critical to a healthy environment and everyone has its function.
    I understand some vegetation needs to be removed to build but this seems excessive.
    A display of the proposed area and reason for tree removal would be helpful with any planning alert.
    Can this application be revisited with a view to the preservation of at least some trees rather than their destruction.

  4. Tara Shelton commented

    When I filled out a survey sent out from council about allowing deforestation, I really did believe that council wanted to protect our native canopy. As we have seen here, there is not very much protection for the wildlife, and for our own shade factors.
    Recently in the news, it was stated that Central Coast is doing very badly to manage urban sprawl activated deforestation.
    This recently approved application shows that Council supports out of date deforestation to build build build.
    We should be building around trees, especially with summers getting hotter and hotter.
    These native species have grown up and matured. When will humans?

  5. Lee Wilmott commented

    Just to add this is basically a sand dune

  6. Lisa Shaw commented

    I just posted on here regarding the animals that I see here each day and night as I walk past this property, but forgot to mention bandicoots and the tiny native Australian bush mouse. The trees provide dune stabilisation as well as shade, food, nesting opportunities. If this is all chopped down where will the wildlife go? I think this is too important to the local habitat, it is so close to a Lagoon of National Importance, to not be important enough!! I think this application is for views. The owners purchased the property in February 2019, with the understanding of the view as it was, with lush native vegetation, home to hundreds of native fauna and flora. I object to this submission whole heartedly.

  7. Lesley Adamski commented

    The native trees and bush are critical to support the fragile dune system on our beach front. Bush care groups work tirelessly to maintain the dunes in front these properties! We need to remember the properties along tudibaring parade are built on a sand dune!
    I ask Council to amend this application.

  8. Rani (Meg) Carvosso commented

    This is essentially a sand dune, held in place by vegetation. Removal of 21 trees seems excessive for any build, especially on such a fragile slope. Can tree officers reassess this site and recommend some trees for protection?

  9. Lisa Shaw commented

    This property is home to many native wildlife and is very close to cockrane lagoon a wetland of National importance. I have seen in there, black cockatoo, eastern Pygmy possum, a rare bush stone curlew, an echidna, lorikeets, lizards and frogs. The view at the front of this property is impacted by the healthy growth of the 20 trees listed to be removed, that is probably why they want them removed. This house is occupied by humans probably less than 6 weeks of the year. But occupied by thousands of native fauna 365 days a year. I object to this submission.

  10. Ian Roberts commented

    This is very sensitive environmental area. Why would council contemplate approval to remove trees here. Please reject the proposal.

  11. Nicole Wyrill commented

    It would seem excessive to be removing so many trees. Council’s enforcement of erosion line rules and maintaining the integrity of the sand dunes is extremely important. I am concerned that allowing this will set a bad precedent in the area.

  12. Louise Hyman commented

    I own 25 tudibaring pde and this is a substantial deforestation of the block. I am especially sad about the coastal banksias which feed and home so many birds in the area including the occasional black parrot family.

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