17 Estelle Road, Currumbin Valley QLD 4223

Material Change of Use Impact Assessment Nature Based Tourism

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 6 months ago. It was received by them 5 days earlier.

(Source: Gold Coast City Council, reference MCU/2019/237)


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  1. Nina Rankin commented

    Great concerns such a large Proposed application on Estelle Road.
    We live on Estelle Road and have for almost 20 years it is a quiet street as is all of the Valley, We have watched the Valley become a high flow area, with the popularity of the Rock Pools at the bottom of the street, the area has become a tourist haven. Once upon a time there were no cars parked on our road now in high peak seasons there are cars parked all the way up Estelle Road. The property in question is at the bottom of the road so that means more traffic and cars and more dangers.
    People move to this quiet haven for just that quiet, nature and privacy.
    This unsightly project will be a bad mark for the area. There are not many havens left on the Gold Coast.
    Please say NO and save this one. We are happy for progress and new homes in the Valley for families to enjoy, but not to this ridiculous extent.

    A concerned resident.

  2. Vanessa Parsons commented

    NO MORE TOURISM DEVELOPMENTS IN OUR VALLEY ! We have lived in Estelle Road now for 20 years and we are devastated at the proposed tourism development at 17 Estelle Road, We live in our beautiful valley for privacy, peace and quiet and not to live in a street that will resemble a caravan park with cabins . Our Valley is such a beautiful and unique area on the Gold Coast, with the Rock Pools just a couple of hundred meters from the proposed site and our valley school, the amount of cars and tourists we already have parking in our street is inundated already, we dont need anymore tourists parking in our street. We already have a road that is not built to cope with the amount of traffic the valley has, also with bike riders every day of the week riding on our narrow roads its already so dangerous. Where the proposed development is being considered, runs a natural water way through the middle of this property, this natural water way flows through the Currumbin Valley School Camp then directly into the rock pools. Effluent with the proposed amount of tourist Cabins, Hall and toilets proposed is a great concern to all our valley residents. We do not need an outbreak of Ecoli in our rock pools. Proposed buildings are required to "enhance the character of the local area" The design of the cabins and workshop building will be perched on a hill in clear view of all to see which im sure is not in compliance with council :" to maintain and enhance the recognised rural landscape quality"
    ; PC11
    The proposed development must take into account and
    seek to ameliorate any negative aspects of the existing
    residential amenity of the local area, having regard, but
    not limited, to the existing impact of:
    a) noise;
    b) hours of operation;
    c) traffic;
    d) lighting;
    e) signage;
    f) visual amenity;
    g) privacy;
    h) odour and emissions.
    In the locals opinion , clearly the proposal will affect all of the above and will NOT ameliorate the area. Please council post this, as a local valley resident we have a right to have our say. Please say NO to this development, we are happy for new homes in our valley and new residents to enjoy our valley, just not a constant stream of tourists staying in cabins!

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