6-8 Manningham Road West Bulleen VIC 3105

Drilling of seven environmental soil bores in Yarra Flats Parklands, Bulleen, for the purposes of investigations for North East Link.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 12 months ago. It was received by them 14 days earlier.

(Source: Manningham City Council, reference PLN19/0289)


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  1. Ben Dawson commented

    I object to these boreholes being done. If it goes ahead it will ruin this part of Maningham. It is unsafe to have a freeway tunnel exit right next to children's playing fields.

  2. Lisa Lunardon commented

    I object to the drilling of these bore holes. The environmental impact it will have so close to the Yarra, sporting fields and parklands will be catastrophic. To have major roads and tunnels earmarked for our fragile inner urban environments when there are other options to explore is reprehensible.

  3. Chris Parr commented

    I object to the bore holes being drilled. It is too close to parks and children's facilities. There are far safer options that could be explored instead.

  4. Mark Di Marzio commented

    I object to the bore holes being drilled . It is a small incremental step in the wrong direction . The environmental consequences and the cost of this project is just too high. The community will regret this in 10, 15 , 20 years -and by then , unfortunately the damage will have been done . However , If we stop this project from going ahead now -the damage will be avoided and it leaves space for a better solution to be developed & the community (and environment) will be better off as a result .

  5. Cinzia Bello commented

    I object to the drilling of these bore holes. It is blatantly obvious option A was chosen way before the proper investigations into the consequences this project will have on our health and our children's health.

  6. Christine Baker commented

    I object to the drilling of these bore holes. The environmental cost of this project is too high and will have significant adverse impact on the liveability of surrounding suburbs. The government should be investigating and investing in smart, sustainable transport options instead.

  7. Fiona Tipping commented

    I object to the so called environment impact report as I believe that it is not only self serving but it is inaccurate because the true experts, the traditional owners, have not been consulted in any capacity. Traditional owners have been caring for this land for over 80000 years. Failure to consult is just wrong and deceitful. If the Daniel's Government was serious about exploring a workable Treaty then they need to address this as a matter of urgency.

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