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Other applications in the last 2 months within 2 km of 326-328 Botany Road Alexandria NSW 2015

  1. 77-93 Portman Street Zetland NSW 2017
    14 days ago, 220 metres away

    Application of temporary signage graphics to construction fencing and hoardings at sites 7, 8, 15, 17, 18 and 19 Green Square Town Centre. The signs will include: - Max 10sqm or 10% (whichever is the larger) per frontage – business identification signs - Max 30% per frontage - architectural exterior and interior project photomontages. - Min 10% across the site – community infrastructure info, local wayfinding, local curated artworks (subject to CoS agreement and input)- Balance as lifestyle images, general graphics, colours, themes

  2. 61-71 Mentmore Avenue Rosebery NSW 2018
    3 days ago, 1.1 kilometres away

    PAN-21755 - Section 4.55(2) modification of consent for extension of current approval for temporary licensed events for a further 2 year period, comprising the following events; Block Party, up to one (1) event to be held between 2pm and 9pm; Other Internal Cannery Events, up to six (6) events to be held between 12 midday and 9pm; daytime markets, Saturday and Sunday weekly, up to 104 events to be held between 10am and 3pm; night time markets, Saturday and Sunday, up to six (6) events to be held between 4pm and 8pm.

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