8 Kariwara Street Dundas NSW 2117

Development Application - Demolition of existing structures, tree removal and construction of an attached two storey dual occupancy with Torrens title subdivision into two lots.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 4 months ago. It was received by them 5 days earlier.

(Source: Parramatta City Council, reference DA/331/2019)


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  1. Patricia Cummings commented

    This is now the 7th Development application for Duplexes in Kariwara Street in 5 years. Full list below
    8 Kariwara Street – DA/331/2019 (Officer: Apoorva Chikkerur)
    10 Kariwara Street – DA/180/2018 (Officer: Jason Liang)
    34 Kariwara Street – DA/390/2017 (Officer: Catherine Watkins)
    22 Kariwara Street – DA/174/2016 (Officer: Liam Frayne)
    47 Kariwara Street – DA/144/2015 (Officer: Bertha Gunawan)
    14 Kariwara Street – DA/876/2014 (Officer: Maya Sarway)
    6 Kariwara Street – DA/582/2013 & DA/582/2013A (Officer: Bertha Gunawan) - approved in 2014

    This has resulted in the complete overdevelopment of our small street and impacted the safety and lifestyles of existing residents. Only two have been assessed by the same officer which I think provides an unequal and uneducated view. I will be submitting an official letter to council.

    The development of number 8 will mean 3 properties in a row (6,8,10) have been developed in the last few years. Increasing density and population in a small area to beyond reasonable levels. Complete over development.

  2. Cheryl Wilson commented

    The development of further duplexes in Kariwara street, Dundas is going to impact even more on the densely occupied street. As Patricia Cummings so rightly pointed out, our safety and lifestyles has already changed and now another duplex is going up. The street is now very much a”one car” street with no parking and our safety has been compromised.

  3. Kathie Walters commented

    The same only a few streets away. OVERDEVELOPMENT!!!! duplexes for sale and for rent in our small avenue in Telopea. We all have around a quarter acre, so the developers are salivating. However, I think there is some karma, because there are now too many new properties, so they are less valuable. We won't even get onto the subject of the amount of wonderful, healthy trees being cut down - and for what??

  4. J. Muzzatti commented

    The current Parramatta Council is a council for developers. We have the opportunity to vote them out next year. On no account vote for the current incumbents.

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