248-252 Unley Road, Hyde Park 5061

Demolish existing structures and trees

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 4 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: City of Unley, reference 334/2019/NEW)


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  1. Dian commented

    So more trees are to go.... For what reason other than greed of the developers. Surely they can "design" around the trees. Unley's target of 30% tree cover is looking more like minus 30% tree cover. With the new Planning Guidelines developers are being given carte blanc to do whatever they like..... Ignoring residents completely.

  2. Warren Jones wrote to local councillor Jennie Boisvert

    How can this demolition proceed in the absence of approval of the major alteration in the original Application ( posing as a ‘variation’)? What has been Council’s response and action relating to the parking issues raised by thie recent re-vamping of the Application?

    Photo of Jennie Boisvert
    Jennie Boisvert local councillor for City of Unley
    replied to Warren Jones

    Often demolition is applied for and achieved before planning consent is issued. If the buildings have no heritage value they can be removed quite easily. The trees should be dealt with on an individual basis and only removed, if approved, when and if building commences. I'm not sure what the Council's response was to the change in parking but will search for it in my emails and send it to you directly, Jennie

  3. Carol August commented

    Interesting comment above? We await Councillor Boisvert's response with interest.
    Meantime, when can this wilful removal of trees be stopped?. Why is it taking so long?

  4. Sylvia Wade wrote to local councillor Michael Hewitson

    Here it is again ..more wholesale destruction of Unley's tree cover by developers intent on circumventing community and Council's commitment to increase protection of our trees. What is the use of Council planting 14,000 trees when developers continue to destroy the finest examples in Unley? Surely these healthy, magnificent specimens are significant and/or regulated trees subject either to asset protection by Unley Council and/or directive that site design incorporate them in situ.
    When will our voice be heard over the self-serving rattle of developer's bulging treasure chests?

    Photo of Michael Hewitson
    Michael Hewitson local councillor for City of Unley
    replied to Sylvia Wade

    Thanks Sylvia,

    Very distressing…… will continue until the State government allows us to have mandatory laws in Unley requiring a minimum of 15% tree cover and deep soil zoned.

    With my best wishes,
    Mayor Michael Hewitson AM
    City Of Unley 83725111


  5. Mary Rumbold wrote to local councillor Rob Sangster

    Government at all levels are talking the talk but not walking the walk about the greening of Adelaide & mitigating the effects of climate change. When the hard decisions about greening all levels of government appear to retreat from challenging the development industry. These trees are full of birdlife. I know as I walk the dogs most mornings past them & see the birds flying in & out. Shameful if the are allowed to disappear!

    Delivered to local councillor Rob Sangster. They are yet to respond.

  6. Anna O'Connor wrote to local councillor Michael Hewitson

    I'm not entirely sure how the planning system works. After being given approval for the development, recently a variation was requested removing an entire floor of car parking - I imagine these cars will now have to park on the street. And now the application to remove these significant trees. It was obvious from the originally application showing building right to the street that the trees would not be retained. Why was this not addressed at the time, and the developers sent back to the drawing board to come up with a design that maintained the existing tree cover?

    Photo of Michael Hewitson
    Michael Hewitson local councillor for City of Unley
    replied to Anna O'Connor

    Dear Anna,
    Unley council has no say, it is a state government approval process. Lets hope we can get the changes to the planning rules....

    With my best wishes,
    Mayor Michael Hewitson AM
    City Of Unley 83725111

  7. gary champion commented

    Let's be clear that this & all the other developments currently & proposed have only come about because of John Rau & the changes he introduced & took the power away from council regarding such developments. Do not blame council -they are relatively powerless. Ironic that the Unley area is renowned for it's beautiful architecture & "village" atmosphere which is to be destroyed by the ghettos of tomorrow. Spare a thought for the residents of the adjoining streets such as Opey Ave which is a thoroughfare to KWR.

  8. Anne Wharton commented

    Yes Gary I agree wholeheartedly - its heartbreaking to see the demolition of our precious heritage including our significant trees - 5 magnificent trees at the Opey Ave development will be chopped down. I am a member of FOCUS (Friends of the City of Unley Society) who along with other community groups, are doing their darndest to try and save our streetscapes. I urge people who are concerned about these issues to join FOCUS and add their voice to this campaign.

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