2 Gardiner Street, Lawnton QLD 4501

Material Change of Use - Development Permit for Multiple Dwelling (12 dwellings)

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 year ago. It was received by them 4 days earlier.

(Source: Moreton Bay Regional Council, reference 2019/38646/V2M)


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  1. Skye Ricardo commented

    It's a residential area not for highrise

  2. Joseph Auclair commented

    What is wrong with this council. I understand that they have limited ability to stop this kind of development being approved as it is a state government issue, but at some stage they should be advocating to the state government on our behalf to maintain the aesthetics of the area. If the Brisbane City council can do it why can the largest council in Qld do it. No one is saying that all development should be stopped in the area but more oversight on infrastructure and impact to the surrounding character of the residential area. The plans show just another cheap low square metred monstrosity designed for quick sale to investors at the cost of the only true benefits of living in this area as middle income and low socioeconomic residents.
    Who does this council even represent?

  3. Russell Miers commented

    The way I see it if this development goes ahead no resident in Pine Rivers is safe from a high rise block of units being built right next door to them, no matter where you live. The town plan isn’t worth the paper it written on when developers can simply apply for a material change of use. There is a place for six story buildings in our region but not smack in the middle of of our suburbs. The impact of such a building on the surrounding neighbourhood would be terrible. Property values would also be slashed. Shame on the Council if this development goes ahead, they spend almost nothing in beautifying or improving infrastructure in the area instead always eager to rewrite our town plan to oblige developers over the interests of the people who elected them. I totally oppose this development.

  4. Mark John commented

    Well said Russell...... not content with displacing wildlife the council is now set to move out long term residents from suburban environments .... yet the eyesore they call Strathpine “CBD” remains under developed. Why not contain the high density housing to high rise development in the Strathpine CBD precinct, similar to Chermside but with the advantage of a rail link? Council prefer to pick the low hanging fruit first. More revenue in land development. Shameful.

  5. Ana Havea commented

    Building a 7 storey unit with 12 apartments on a 590m2 space next to owner occupied residents who have children and have been residing in the area for over 11+ years is ridiculous and dumbfounding. It’s amazing to see how little our neighbours know.
    I’m all for development. I understand that. but keep it out of already established Family suburbs where our kids play on the road because of the security and light volume of traffic and take it to the newly developed lands and main roads.

    This will invade our privacy with a number of occupants overlooking our backyards. How am I suppose to feel safe as a parent in my own house?

  6. Joseph Howe commented

    Doesn't fit with the rest of the area, way too high density for the infrastructure.

    Streets are already small, adding highrise flats will just cause more issues & be an eyesore.

  7. Sarah Johns commented

    How is this even being considered an option in terms of its location? The streets surrounding the proposed location were never designed for this type of dwelling to be built on it. Based on the apartments only being allocated 1 car space and the average household having 2 cars (minimum) that's 12 cars at the very least that will need to find alternative places to park. This will choke the local streets with cars and create hazards for local residents trying to get through as well as children that may play in the streets.
    It will also become the biggest eyesore for the area as the buildings surrounding it are no more than 2 storeys and the area is relatively flat. Residents residing in the houses surrounding this complex are going to struggle to sell because no one wants to live near a complex like this, and neighbouring houses are going to loose all chance of privacy in their backyards as residents will be able to see straight into them.
    This along with sluggish house/apartment sales already happening on new development in the area (Sanctum, Oxbow Crescent, and Corner of Francis and Isis Roads) means the market is going to be saturated further than it already is which in turn could drive down house prices for property owners in the area.

  8. Jo Skinner commented

    How are the existing residents of the neighbouring homes going to be compensated for this eyesore?
    Not only will they financially bear the loss of the monstrosity with a decline in property values, they will pay with a loss of privacy with it looming over their homes!
    Council you are a disgrace! Approve this to be built next to your own property!

  9. Mary S commented

    This is beyond disappointing. I have lived in the area almost my whole life, and my partner and I have recently purchased our first home down the road from this street. There's no denying that areas of Lawnton and Bray Park are tired, and I'm all for new developments bringing new life to a community. However, these apartment blocks are completely random, they do not offer any positive contributions to the area - they are a complete eyesore, contribute to parking issues, and will sit there half vacant until the rent is so low it attracts more of the wrong crowd. This is a family area, we should be investing in parks or public art - new developments should be considered based on what they can offer the neighbourhood. This development offers absolutely nothing.

  10. Dawn gridley commented

    Really not needed in this area at all.
    Closer to Strathpine shops I'd understand. But it's going to look completely out of place. 7 story is just way too big for Lawnton.

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