7 Park Avenue, Aberfoyle Park SA 5159

Demolition of existing buildings and construction of a 24 hour petrol filling station with control building greater than 50m², fast food restaurant with drive thru, pylon signs, landscaping and associated carpark

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 year ago. It was received by them 4 days earlier.

(Source: City of Onkaparinga, reference 1157/2019)


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  1. Kathryn Steadman commented

    We already have one petrol station onkaparinga council please tell me,why we need another so close to our school. Too much traffic already

  2. Linda Taylor commented

    There is already a well established petrol station in this area. There is no need for an additional petrol station. Additionally, the location proposed is directly adjacent to a roundabout and in the immediate vicinity of two schools. Traffic movements into and out of the petrol station will impact safety of both other vehicles and children going to and from schools.

    The current business at this site (hardware) is the only business of its kind in the Aberfoyle Park/Happy Valley/Flagstaff Hill area and should not be forced out by an unnecessary duplication of a petrol station.

  3. Jayda commented

    I think this is a great use of the space. Creating more job opportunities and starting a competitive petrol war which will provide locals with decent petrol prices for once.

    Also as someone who is often stuck at late hours when unexpectedly running out of something, the current Caltex doesn’t open its doors or have a large stock of items.
    Maybe including a hungry jacks would also provide more traffic as it is quite a distance to currently drive to one.

    Many schools are adjacent to petrol stations and don’t face problems, although the area is tight it would still be manageable and it would bring traffic and money to the area as the closest on the run is either Darlington or Reynella

  4. Andrew commented

    Great idea
    Petrol price competition

  5. Keiren commented

    fantastic idea

    Aberfoyle Park needs something open past 12am
    Not even Happy Valley McDonalds is open past 11pm

    Also bringing a competitive petrol war for locals and more traffic to the area and more jobs

  6. Enrico Grani commented

    Aberfoyle Park does NOT need another "junk food corner" nor does it need another petrol station, as the roads are already congested enough. Logically speaking who in their right mind, would want more traffic on the road, when there are two schools in the immediate vicinity? All I hear is "competitive fuel prices" and people wanting "junk food". Has there been any thought of the safety issues, this may pose to the school children? Who is culpable should an accident happen due to increase in traffic? It is potentially just too dangerous, to the school children in my opinion. Yes, I know accidents happen, but let us please think this through very carefully, taking everything into consideration, especially the welfare of the school children in the immediate vicinity. Absolutely NO donation or gift to a Councillor or Council employee has been given by myself. I write this as a concerned citizen with no hidden agenda. Thank you.

  7. Karen bradley commented

    I don’t believe this is an appropriate location for another petrol station. The existing petrol station is less than 100 metre away from the proposed location & not on a major thoroughfare. In addition, the proposed location is surrounded by 3 schools,a childcare centre and kindergarten, leisure centre & medical centres creating significant traffic congestion at peak hours. Narrow surrounding roadways & roundabout would add to this congestion. Several fast food businesses are already located nearby & I see no need to add to this in the immediate vicinity. A more appropriate location might be on the corner of Chandlers hill road and happy valley drive (northeastern corner) or perhaps as part of the shopping development at the Pines in Flagstaff Hill

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