71 Wagstaffe Avenue, Wagstaffe NSW 2257

Demolish Existing 2 Storey Dwelling, Construct New 2 Storey Dwelling

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 5 months ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Central Coast Council (Gosford), reference 011.2019.00056534.001 )


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  1. Lesley Harvey commented

    Can the owners work around the shade trees on this build?
    The lower Central Coast is losing too many mature trees in the suburbs. We all need to be mindful of retaining mature trees, even if they have to be pruned back initially.

  2. Cathy Crozier commented

    The immediate neighbours would like an extension to the council 's deliberating on this application until they can have another discussion with the owner as he unavailable (going over seas).

  3. Cathy Crozier commented

    Can the proposed building plan guarantee ventilation and air circulation to neighbour's downstairs bathroom, bedroom and upstairs bedroom if more than 50% of the boundary is a two storey brick wall. The previous building was 18" from the boundary.
    Ventilation and air circulation is very important to houses built before the introduction of air conditioning.

  4. Cathy Crozier commented

    Will the addition of a two storey brick wall on both sides of the property cause a wind tunnel to both immediate neighbour's outside living areas that will have a detrimental affect on health & well being?

  5. Cathy Crozier commented

    Can the shade plan be extended to include how the proposed building will shade the neighbours upstairs bedrooms? Currently the middle bedroom gets direct sun and is often used for invalid convalescence, and the other bedroom has a sunny outlook used for children. Sun is very important for health and wellbeing for all but particularly important for the aged and the young.

  6. Cathy Crozier commented

    Is this proposed building compatible with the area's "cottage foreshores character' if it is built directly on the boundary? No other house in the immediate area is built directly on the side boundary. This semi detached style is more in character with the Sydney suburbs of Glebe & Balmain. Is this the aim of Central Coast-Gosford Council? To alter the character of Wagstaffe? If so please explain.

  7. Cathy Crozier commented

    As a new build, has the proposed plan taken into account rising sea levels, tidal surge and storm water drainage on a sandy substrate - considering more than 60% of the site is a hard surface. There is a reason why houses have a garden around them.
    Has the proposed development planned for 13 (1) (e) safe public access to and along foreshore........
    A new build has the ability to comply with these requirements where as the previous house was built before these environmental and social components were an issue.

  8. Cathy Crozier commented

    Can the owner indicated how long and to what degree the neighbours will be inconvenienced by building noise and road traffic. Recent neighbouring renovations have taken up to 15 months, a road upgrade 6 months. Wagstaffe is considered by many as a remote area. Large delivery vehicles have to negotiate tight bends at Wards Hill which have resulted in accidents and blockages to traffic. The Scenic Road is poorly maintained and has had recent detours resulting in traffic congestion.

  9. Cathy Crozier commented

    Has the proposed plan taken into consideration exterior plumbing, venting from kitchen bathroom, air-conditioning and heating exhausts. Does building on the boundary mean that these pipes and outlets will be on the neighbours property? The existing building has an 18" buffer between the sound of water running through pipes and the neighbour's boundary.

  10. Cathy Crozier commented

    Has council imposed any penalty to the owner for the demolition of a perfectly good house and creating unnecessary building waste? Does it have plan for recycle and reuse of the building materials? Does Central Coast Council have such an abundance of waste facilities that it can encourage such unnecessary waste.

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