11A Tupper Street Enmore NSW 2042

To demolish existing improvements and construct a 4 storey boarding house with basement parking

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 4 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Inner West Council (Marrickville), reference DA201900162)


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  1. Amy Armstrong commented

    Where are the documents?

  2. Joe commented

    Good question Amy!

    I suggest you keep asking till they fix it. It’s been broken for months and the amalgamated council, which was supposed to have efficiencies, has instead made things worse.

  3. Roger commented

    Thanks for eventually making documents available.
    Yet another so-called ‘boardinghouse’ development for Enmore. Instead of building smaller, liveable apartments that could possibly be ‘affordable’, developers are now turning to these land-tax exempt options to maximise their profits. Less car-parking required, minimum floor space per ‘lodger’, maximum rents for what are basically micro studio apartments. They reap three times the return of normal approved apartment developments.
    These developments, while purporting to be a wonderful low cost housing option for lower income residents, are basically an easy low cost and high yield option for the developers. They will not provide viable affordable social housing as the rents will be too high. They fragment the local community by attracting primarily itinerant residents - they are not for purchase by residents (only landlords). To the best of my knowledge, longer term leases are now available for rooms in such ‘boarding houses’ - in that case, why are they still allowed the ‘boarding house’ exemptions??
    Enmore does not need any more of these ‘boarding houses’. We need conventional apartment developments with sufficient floor space and windows, and authentic affordable social housing. This application should be rejected or modified.

  4. Jennifer Killen commented

    If a boarding house is approved Council must impose conditions that ensure future residents are genuinely in need - two groups of homeless growing rapidly are:
    1. families escaping domestic violence
    2. underpaid and/or retired and/or unemployed older women

    If some such condition is not imposed and enforced these developments should have to comply with the same conditions as other developments.

    Also, council should insist on design features that ensure there is no contribution to global warming.

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