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27 Driscolls Road Kealba, VIC

Application for approval of a development plan for the former Kealba secondary college site pursuant to development plan overlay schedule 17

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 2 years ago. The date it was received by them was not recorded.

(Source: Brimbank City Council, reference P497/2018)


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  1. Louise Wright commented

    I object to the proposed development for this land due to the high density of residences in the space provided, the lack of green space and reduction of current trees, that there is to be only one road access into the development which could cause congestion from Driscolls Rd and safety concerns for emergency services access, that there hasnt been any consideration to incorporate facilities such as further community centre, pre school and childcare places which would be required for the extra population, lack of off-street parking for the large number of vehicles which is likely to exceed allocated parking spaces on site due to lack of space for such within the small land allocated for each residence marked increase in traffic at the Green Gully/Driscolls Rd intersection, the Green Gully exit onto the freeway and the Green Gully/Sunshine Ave intersection during peak and school run times. I live in the next suburb of Keilor Downs and care for grandchildren who live in Kealba, so their parent's concerns are also mine for their family. Kealba is a quiet, family focussed suburb which is likely to be adversely affected by the density and lack of infrastructure planning for this site and the overflow effects will directly affect surrounding suburbs such as Keilor Downs.

  2. Julie dawidowicz commented

    I object to this development as it changes the dynamics of Kealba. One of the appealing aspects of Kealba is a quiet neighbourhood with little traffic. I do not wish to see a ghetto being built, I do not want to spend 20 minutes getting out of the area and have the situation that you see outbound on Green Gully Road every morning. I do not want an influx of people creating over crowding. Develop by all means, but develop properties that are similar to the rest of the area...blocks of land for houses, with a nice park in between, increasing the value of the area.

  3. Michael commented

    I object to proposed development p497/2018. The dwelling density of the proposed development will divide the Kealba community. The suburb does not receive enough upkeep through government to support the existing population, introducing the planned number of dwellings will put more strain on a much loved suburb. It is shameful that the school site was stolen from Kealba. Please reconsider the proposed overdevelopment and limit the number of dwellings to be in-line with the neighbourhood - better yet, scrap the application and build a much needed school.

  4. Anisha Bhatia commented

    I object to this development as it will cause roads to be congested, parks, schools and daycare centres to be overcrowded. This suburb has lack of connectivity to trains and other means of public transport. Not only the house will cause congestion, in the immediate term they will cause environmental damage. We need another school in the area. We need better perks. We need a small shopping street, some nice cafes. We need a place for our kids to feel safe and have a play. What we don’t need is more townhouses. We need to play fair to the current residents of the suburb. If this suburb has any chance of being a family friendly suburb, this development needs to be relooked it - my humble request.

  5. Anja Djordjevich commented

    I object as this development plan as it does not meet the objectives of planning in Victoria as per the planning and environment act 1987. I object as it does not provide fair, orderly, economic and sustainable use, and development of land as it will cause over development. I object as it does not provide protection of natural resources as it will result in the removal of natural greenery. I object as it does not secure a pleasant, efficient and safe working, living and recreational environment for the residents on Kealba and surrounding suburbs.

  6. Sue Page commented

    I object to the development plan, it doesn't meet the objective of the planning in Victoria, planning and environment act in 1987. I object to the development plan because we already spend hours in congested traffic, my escape route is via Driscolls Road when Sunshine Ave & Green Gully Road are at a stand still, I can't get out of the Crescent. I object to the development plan because we do not have adequate public transport, in fact my request for public transport up and down Green Gully Road was rejected. As a result of lack of public transport I have as a single parent have spent a fortune on Ubers. I object to the development plan, Kealba residents deserve to be respected and listened to. Sunshine Avenue - Kealba & St Albans side of Green Gully Road - Road was not resurfaced. Kealba path down into Green Gully is still fenced off, query if asbestos has been removed. I object to the development plan as the development will devalue the properties in Kealba, it will make it a less attractive area for families. I object to the development plan, we need more local shops/cafes like Keilor which take an hour or so to get to via public transport.

  7. June & Sue commented

    I object to proposed development p497/2018. As an resident it concerns me as to the potential number of residents moving into the small community of Kealba. Kealba is known as a small quiet hub. The volume of housing being proposed is not acceptable. Not only the number but the type of housing. Apartments in this small community with over crowd the area. To add to this, one in five have been listed as housing commission. This area already struggles to grow in value. The value of properties will decrease. Housing has also been listed for the old Calder Rise Primary School block. I assume one in five have also been listed there for public housing. I would also like to raise the issue of public transport, parking. Residents have in the past requested for bus routes. The requests were met with dismissal, "Kealba is a forgotten pocket." "There is no need for bus routes." I would also like to express my concerns about cars parking late at night, at the crescent end of the park, one person, texting, etc. I have repeatedly reported it to the police. As a resident I am concerned. My safety, my sense of security are leaving me feeling venerable. Please consider all the objections. This is where we live, our homes. The number proposed is too excessive for this area.

  8. Alek Uncovski commented

    - 98% of Kealba is house blocks detached dwellings, the plan has NO house blocks
    - increase of 500 cars during peak times affecting traffic flaws. Bulk and scale (too intense, too small, too many dwellings)
    -at least another 1000 people impacting on our roads, car parking and public transport.
    - finally, imagine another 400 kids needing access to child care, kindergarten, primary and secondary schools. We do not have the infrastructure for this.

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