334 Plenty Road Preston VIC 3072

Six (6) storey development comprising 11 dwellings and zero car parking spaces, as shown on the plans accompanying the application.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 year ago. It was received by them about 1 month earlier.

(Source: Darebin City Council, reference D/190/2019)


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  1. George commented

    Six storey development comprising 10 dwellings and zero car parking spaces

    Comment only: No Parking, do you expect that all 10 apartments will not own a car?
    Where will they park?
    Is this a new policy of the council?
    If people own electric cars in the future where will they charge them?
    Also 6 storeys is not appropriate for the area.

  2. Katrina Wilson commented

    no car parking?
    is this a joke?

  3. Alex Cooper commented

    The lack of car spaces in this development is concerning. While it is on the Plenty Rd tram line, I think that it's naive to believe that the residents will not own vehicles. In this particular situation, I expect that resident's cars will end up parked around the corner in David St.

  4. Stephen Taylor commented

    Lack of sufficient car parking in inappropriately planned developments along the Plenty Rd / High St corridor in Preston + Thornbury has already led to the blight of side streets full of parked cars.
    When will Council wake up and take action to ensure that developments provide a sensible amount of parking for private vehicles?
    Its not realistic to assume that residents will not already own a car or decide never to purchase one simply because they live near a tram line.

  5. Mandy commented

    Being near a tram line is no excuse for no car parking. Darebin Council needs to plan for the actual here and now. Residents own and use cars. Stop using being near public transport as an excuse to allow inappropriate development with insufficient car parks, based on their belief that we all use public transport and ride bikes.

  6. Phillip Savino commented

    10 dwellings with no carparks is not acceptable. Residence in the surrounding area already find it difficult to park.
    Also 6 storeys is a blight on the neighbouring properties!

  7. Mark commented

    Maybe Council needs to ensure those that live in these appartments cannot own a car

  8. Polly Mclennan commented

    Idealistically, yes, wouldn't it be great if we didn't need cars. But this is not realistic, in fact many share houses and families have multiple cars. So having ONE car park for each apartment should be at the bare minimum. Please don't give these profiteering developers an exemption to not include a car park, as it simply moves the issue of car parking to neighbouring streets, which are already clogged with parked cars from nearby apartments.

  9. PG commented

    Agree with all of the above along with waste management issues, visitor parking, noise, privacy,
    Should be mandatory with these types of developments to include either underground car parking or perhaps reduce the footprint the allow for onsite parking.

  10. John commented

    Some may say profiteering but these people build houses that we live in, I don’t think we can begrudge them earning some rewards for effort, you get paid when you work, and you probably didn’t put your assets up for grabs by the bank if things go bad like the recent times, and let’s not forget the council and government getting their cut like the developer levy, the developers get what’s left over and that can be very little given their risks. ( several years of holding costs hoping no major down turn) Councils put up so many obstacles that take time to pass through, and often at their own whim, parking is an issue and it should be dealt with even if the public transportation is close

  11. Chris commented

    DCC attracting developers by giving two free kicks as incentives. No car parking and no developers contributions and over development further impoverishes the community at the expense of amenity!
    It’s all about amenity!!

  12. S. Schmidt commented

    My house is next door to the proposed development and the majority of my windows face in it's direction. A 6 story development will eliminate all privacy and completely obscure any light coming in from the windows.
    The land footprint is far too narrow and small for a 6 storey, 10 unit development. I have taken great care to maintain the character of my original dwelling - the proposed units will not add to the character and future vision of Preston.
    In addition, there is a requirement for a minimum number of car parks for new residences and there will be a lot of people living in a 6 story, 10 residence complex.

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