216 Memorial Avenue, Ettalong Beach NSW 2257

Five Storey Hotel Building (Ancillary Restaurant & Function Facilities, Roof Terrace Bar & Pool)

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 year ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Central Coast Council (Gosford), reference 011.2019.00056500.001 )


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  1. Lesley Harvey commented

    While urban renewal can be good for an area, another "tourist accommodation" (pub) opposite Diggers and around the corner from BWS and the Ettalong Hotel - what is Council thinking? I can imagine the Local Area Police Command will protest the license as should the new residents of the luxury units next door despite the 83 rooms facing east and west?
    I read the roof-top bar was for guests only, so will the neighbours want more privacy?
    Again, the set backs and street scape is inadequate. Three water gums on the footpath should be least five as they are on the western side. The plants on the roof top need a re-think. Plants on the plans are under-story palms, but they are planted on the northern top wall - right in full sun and hot winds.

  2. Sharnie commented

    Firstly why would you build this right next door to a housing unit block ?
    Secondly why would you double up on what is already established right across the road and start putting established business out of business.? Thirdly why would you put the other small businesses out of business?
    I am all for progress SO why not put something there that the local community can access and enjoy it is not all about the tourist dollar it's about the community as well.
    It's not about local employment either. These developments drive up the prices for everything in the local community for the average family. What about repairing the roads and parking facilities. It is not the local community that benefits from these projects it's the developer and other large businesses. Locals would be at a disadvantage by paying higher prices from food to housing because this type of development makes big business get on the band wagon of greed. I apose this development


  3. john smith commented

    Wow, great news on a new hotel for Ettalong AND peninsula! When people come up and visit there are NO hotels on the peninsula. This will be great for the Ettalong town centre.
    the future looks bright/
    regarding being next to housing block. Its the rear of housing block so the new Atlantis would be amenities facing north and the new hotel will obviously have restricted windows facing south towards laneway and its setback from adjacent development.
    Many locals are now against ANY new development which isnt the way to be. The Peninsula needs new development for youth employment and local economy. cant stay a backwater forever.

  4. Dani commented

    This is hideous - yet again!!!

    Why not build UPON the natural beauty and amenities of the area, which are VALUED by locals and visitors a like. Instead this is another example of poor taste, short sighted, DESTRUCTION of the quality of life, beach-side heritage, family-friendly nature, that this area in known for and valued for. This developer will DRIVE away family based tourists and tourists looking for high quality Australian focused, locally distinctive, experiences. There are no other markets to replace those visitors being driven away. Tourists looking for the Gold Coast go to the Gold Coast. Tourists looking for cheap alcohol focused party experiences go to cheap alcohol focused party places and they in turn become known as cheap, dirty, unsafe party destinations and the developers have taken the money and run.

    Peninsula residents and businesses deserve so much better than this appalling lack of vision and future-proofing of this area.

    Yet again - another example of bad development coupled with bad decisions.

    The council needs to deliver BETTER outcomes for the stakeholders, locals and visitors is this area.

  5. Kerie Howlett commented

    Not against Development but not this one in that spot and not that design. Bad enough the Mantra is already there but another white monstrosity is beyond belief! The heat and the glare of it will be horrendous.
    It will create traffic chaos in an already difficult traffic area for parking. The lane-way for all the traffic to be using is very narrow. Delivery Trucks to the Hotel and Garbage Trucks and patrons day and night will be way to busy as well as the residents of the Atlantis. There is already nowhere to park for their family and friends to visit. The design is more suited to Noosa or Surface Paradise. Not Ettalong. The new residents of the Atlanis Building were not informed that a Hotel was to be built there. Now they will have to put up with noise pollution, lack of privacy and blocking of the Sun onto their Units.
    If the Hotel runs at 100% Occupancy (80 rooms) and there is a function on as well and people at the Restaurant, where will they all park? And the Staff? Not enough space in the underground car park. There are times when the Mantra has full capacity and the Diggers club and there is nowhere to park!
    Council needs to think about the Residents already living in this area and not just Developers who may bring in a few Tourist to town!
    And with all these supposed new tourists, Council might want to upgrade/ update the Public toilets at Ettalong Beach. The ones near the Ferry are not nice at all and ones at the Box is always busy and messy!
    I oppose this Development, especially the Design. Not the right place for it ! Developers should not always get their own way....

  6. Bill Hislop commented

    what a fabulous proposal for the growing town centre of Ettalong, hopefully the first of many. Such a great proposal and modern funky design. The peninsula lacks accomodation and this hotel is first in many years. I’ve viewed plans and has blank walls to south and setback away from north face of Atlantis which is good planning.
    bring on more developments like this and future looking bright for Ettalong

  7. M.Guest commented

    Why, Why .Why Do we want or need highrise at the beach. Yes it's good for the developers and their paid prormotors but what do the residents and rate payers want?
    Council are supposed to represent the later group who have to live with these large structures for ever. The developer just rolls on to the next scheme not having to live next to or deal with the issues created by this increase in density.

    The roads are in shocking condition. Picnic parade the main road into Ettalong is used by all the large trucks during construction, is a series of potholes joined by tar.
    These large heavy trucks can be heard crashing and banging from hole to hole and the roads are worse after the projects like Atlantis finish.

    Coastlines generally have breezes which these high rises will turn into wind tunnels for folks on the streets. Walk around north Sydney CBD to see the effect.
    Without set backs shadowing is a major issue. The new Atlantis building in winter casts a shadow that extends to the beach. The road between the beach stays damp for most of winter as it sees no sun.
    Not enough thought and planning goes into these approvals as we can never go back. Are we are opening Ettalong up to becoming a mini me Gold Coast?
    I hope not.

  8. jobs commented

    Why do we want high rise? 5 storeys isn’t high rise . it has to be viable for a developer to build. i’m happy developers would like to build in Ettalong and Peninsula, we should be grateful. great for the economy and employment

  9. janice mcdougall commented

    This in Ettalong is a disgrace and all these are ruining all locals their lifestyle.can believe 5 storeys.....the farnell rd monstrosity which has been passed by our so called council to look after residents is ruining all of us around the peninsula...the concerns we all and still have..safety in the building...traffic parking etc all ignored....

  10. Valerie Lawrence commented

    The peninsula is serviced by three roads - all single carriageway and all like parking lots at school drop off and pick up times and commuter times! Our roads are in very poor condition and parking in Woy Woy, Umina and Ettalong is becoming a serious problem. There is no way the area can sustain another hotel! I think the council need to consider the infrastructure and accessibility of the peninsula before any more development is even considered. I for one am horrified this area is beginning to look like the Gold Coast. It’s not the reason I chose to buy and live here. Please rein in oversized development and let Ettalong and the peninsula remain the village atmosphere people visit to enjoy.

  11. bill hislop commented

    lots of people mention traffic and roads in these developments ? sorry that has nothing to do with the da, you need to contact council for that, don’t blame developers for planning great new developments for our peninsula .
    send council or road authority emails to fix our roads

  12. Vanessa commented

    No no no, come on council.
    I agree with all the previous negative comments in regards to this development.
    Council should be focusing on amenities and developments for the local community, as in more open spaces, attractions, parking, and entertainment etc.

    This building is an eyesore, it's disgustingly bright and glary. The mantra is bad enough, and fills this reptoire, so why do we need another, especially at ettalong, and why 5 stories big?
    It's all very good and well for the developers and the people who profit from these monstrosities, but when people want to stay here, they won't stay long, as there is nothing else to do.
    It's the same with the monstrosities that have been built in Gosford. They all look lovely now, as they've just been built, but give it a year or two and they will all be empty and struggling, just like the rest of the coast.
    There is no decent entertainment, night life, attractions etc to keep people on the coast or to keep them coming back, particularly at ettalong.
    Not to mention the impact this development will have on traffic, and parking in this very small area.
    Then there is the environmental aspect. Why allow a development like this and of this size on such a small beachfront. Ettalong Beach has shrunk, and eroded drastically in the years, and continues to do so. I feel that a development of this kind will be detrimental to the beachfront, and accelerate its decline further, and faster.
    It's about time our council started listening to, and acting for its residents, and not the developers.

  13. bill hislop commented

    answer to vanessa comment
    mantra isn’t a hotel it’s serviced apartments,
    this development is allowed in town centre, there are only a few sites in the commercial zone to build 5-6 storeys
    peninsula needs more accomodation , there is no where for visitors to stay except caravan park and expensive mantra
    it’s not a glary monstrosity, it’s a well designed structure with minimal impact
    hopefully the first of many to activate the township

  14. Jane commented

    I hope this development goes ahead. It looks like a well designed boutique hotel. It is low rise and suits the environment. The are is in need of more good quality developments. It is the way forward and will improve tourism in the area with is good for business and the people who live there. So people should stop complaining.

  15. rocky B commented

    i agree Jane
    The 5storey hotel is a good modern design and great location,the peninsula has no accomodation so these 80 rooms will be well utilised .hopefully we will see more

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