14-16 Taylor Street, Eltham VIC 3095

Buildings and works to construct 8 dwellings

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 4 months ago. It was received by them 5 months earlier.

(Source: Nillumbik Shire Council, reference 600/2018/03P)


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  1. Lucy rose commented

    This is a ridiculously large development
    Why are so many units being approved

  2. Caitlin commented

    Eight dwellings on this block is extremely excessive given the block size. The inclusion of two townhouses with no car parking is entirely inappropriate for life in Eltham. With limited public transport and insufficient bicycle paths for cyclists, this kind of housing does not meet the needs of Eltham residents. There is no outdoor space provided for residents on this plan for eight houses and the efficiency of the houses designed is extremely poor. Four dwellings on this block would be appropriate.

  3. Mary McCleary commented

    Totally inappropriate for a small side street. There is inadequate parking supplied, so people who live there and any visitors will have to park on the street. There is no provision for any green spaces around the houses. Four buildings would be more than enough. Eltham has a burgeoning population due to the number of flats and townhouses being approved. We already have massive traffic jams in peak hour. There is not enough public infrastructure to cope with more people. The buses and trains are already overcrowded, and there is totally inadequate parking at the railway station.Bible Street is impassable for two cars during the day , as it is unlimited parking. Stop spoiling this area

  4. Caroline Wade commented

    Please Nillumbik Council save our green suburb from developers who are only interested in making a quick profit and then moving on to the next place.. probably next block or street. Eltham is like no other suburb in Melbourne and rhat is why we moved here. It's not built for this type of development over and over again but seems to be in the developers sites and this must be because the Council is seen as 'easy' to approve many units. Since moving here five years ago, the change in the traffic, the people on the train and the cars parked in Bible Street has increased substantially. I was starting to give up on asking you to listen but here I am again in case you have forgotten that people are not happy about what's happening to our suburb...

  5. chris brand commented

    Having reread the Planning Practice Note 43 on Neighborhood Character and also in reference to Standard B1 in councils ordinance document, it would be useful for Council(s) to have a clear guide for both developer and residence in regards to this. Neighborhood character as it seems to be subjective at best (past experience) while I am quite sure that is/was not the intention of the standard. In reference to the application, it is of a high density proposal in an area that is majority single dwelling residential (google maps) and as such, developments of this scale and density should be discouraged.

    I note the applicants site coverage of 62.64% where under Standard B8, site coverage is set to a maximum of 60%. Further to this, units 3-6 do not have much open space at all and would fall wall above the 60% . Site coverage should be based on a per unit basis as otherwise it makes no sense.

    Council should discourage such inappropriate developments.

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