11 Minerva Street Kirrawee NSW 2232

Demolition of existing structures and construction of a boarding house

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 9 months ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Sutherland Shire Council, reference DA19/0278)


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  1. Jason Hawksworth commented

    You cannot be serious? How many more of these applications do we have take in this area? The loopholes that are allowing this need to be closed. This part of Kirrawee will be overridden with these properties. Council need to take a hard look at what’s going on here, it’s becoming a joke. There are already at least 9 applications for Boarding houses in Sutherland Shire - when did we hit such a population crisis in the local area?

  2. Steve commented

    I object to having a boarding house in a area that is already under pressure from large developments like the brick pits. All these boarding houses will bring is trouble. With its location to the station and shops up that alleyway will do nothing but cause issues for the locals in the area. Boarding houses are usually for people that are drifters and without occupation. I have children too and don't live far from this address and don't want that sort of influence around them. Allow this and you've lost my vote at the next council election!!!

  3. John R commented

    Housing and peoples needs for housing are constantly evolving. Boarding house in their most recent form are a long way from the old 'halfway houses' etc filled with unemployed. They are modern and house professionals who pay a decent rental. These people may want to live in a modern, self contained room and can afford $350 but not $500 for an apartment or they may like having their own room with a shared kitchen, communal area to interact with other people. Before making broad, sweeping generalisations it would be prudent to educate yourself on what these housing forms consist of. The occupants and a greater density will support local businesses in Kirrawee who appear to be on their knees currently (judging by Oak Road).

  4. Pat Johnson commented

    John R, your boarding houses sound more like hostels for backpackers, not exactly what Professionals would prefer. Those I work with would hate having a ' shared kitchen'. At $350 for each occupant I can see why developers are interested in this idea. Local business will not profit from " greater density" as the traffic situation will force people away from the area. At $350 per week one could share a house or unit with all the convenience of a real home. The Brick pit apartments are causing chaos and Kirrawwee residents don't need boarding houses as well.

  5. John R commented

    Hi Pat, they are as far away from hostels as you could imagine and they are exactly what professionals are after. Many are completely self-contained (toilets/kitchenettes). Close to the CBD they are more like $500-600/week. Your rental gets wi-fi, electricity, furniture and there is the important interaction with others which I think you underestimate. I talk to people developing them and a lot of thought goes into them. As I mentioned, many who oppose these things think of how they 'used to be' and how people 'used to live'. Do you believe that no-one wants to share an office.....exactly the same situation to shared living? It is archaic NIMBY views that do not add to any rational educated debate.

    I don't shop in Miranda and never have but as a Kirrawee resident I love Aldi being under SV. I do pick my times on the north side of Oak Road as the traffic heading south over the Highway and to the National Park is ridiculous in mornings (that we can agree on) and afternoons and it is pretty clear the traffic isn't coming from SV.

  6. June Wilson commented

    I am sorry I don't agree with Pat Johnson comments "The Brick pit apartments are causing chaos and Kirrawee" residents don't need boarding houses as well.

    Where is the chaos? Oak Road has been widened with now lights on the cnr of Flora and Oak Road, much safer than the previous too small round-about.

    I understand from a previous meeting at our Sutherland Council that the corner of Oak Road and President Ave may have to be widened at a later date.

    Not everyone has a home, a unit or a place that they can afford therefore why we can't we be more caring to cater for these people?

  7. Pat Johnson commented

    John R. You say many are self contained, and that would be good. If they have facilities for cooking then residents would have more privacy. Why are they regarded as a boarding house? They sound more like a Motel room or very small unit. Shared living can lead to unpleasant situations, however, if the occupants are not obliged to share kitchens etc. there would be less chance of altercations. Security would need to be very tight though if the manager did not live on premises.

  8. Steve commented

    John R, not sure what your vested interested is in this boarding house going ahead but if you are not related to the developer in some capacity you should know that the maximum stay at a boarding house is 3 months, then the occupant has to move on so its not exactly a place that anyone long term is going to stay!!!! Hence my comment before about drifters and people that aren't going to contribute to the area!!! I have had experience with boarding houses in the past and they do not attract people with a steady income!!!

  9. Maria commented

    Boarding houses placed in a city hub or outskirts will attract high return, and high income professionals. To think we have the same here is wishful.
    Those it attracts/the demand will put a value on this property, not the design.
    Please keep into account the socio demographic of this area / and adjacent. This build will not attract a community based environment that will add value.

  10. Abby commented

    The traffic around the brick pits, President Avenue and Oak road at any time of the day whether its a week day or weekend is heavy, we do not need to populate the area with even more. Sure I am all for helping those, but there are currently over 9 applications for boarding houses near this one, it will be just like the development application that the tradies put in for the childcare in Gymea - a childcare to accommodate 100 kids even though in the immediate vicinity there are 6 or 7 childcare's not at full capacity. We need to start making smart decisions about the development of the shire and putting another boarding house in here, is not a smart decision.

  11. Simon commented

    Aside from similar concerns to those already expressed regarding a boarding house in this general location, I take issue with the following particulars of this application:
    * there are 12 rooms (including 5 which show multiple beds on the architectural plans) but only 6 onsite car spaces. This is grossly inadequate. Minerva Street is a major point of access for Acacia Road/Princess Highway and the demand for on street parking from this development will create more congestion issues in a street that is already congested/plagued with traffic issues
    * the design including details like balcony pillars is antiquated and not in keeping with the existing area (including new dual occupancy developments in the surrounding area). Frankly it will be an eye sore unless the facade design is significantly over-hauled to a modern standard.
    * privacy issues for adjoining properties associated with the huge number of windows. Consistent with Councils policy for development, all windows should be frosted or a minimum sill height of 1.6m imposed due the the significant overlooking along the entire boundary on both sides of the property.

  12. Hannah commented

    I highly oppose this development application. We had a boarding house near our old house in Sutherland and it caused nothing but grief for all of the residents to the point most of us left the area. The people coming and going from visiting the residents in the boarding house were as much an issue as the residents themselves. I dont have kids but there is no way I would want one any where near me going by our experience. Kirrawee is a family friendly area, lets keep it that way.

  13. Pat Johnson commented

    June Wilson, I saw what is happening with widening of roads etc.. What will happen to houses nearby, as it would appear that homes in the area will have to be removed. What is the point of boarding houses when residents of long standing will suffer? Will they become more boarding houses ? Kirrawee will become a slum of the future!

  14. Margaret King commented

    DISGRACEFUL!!!!! SOOOOO DISSAPPOINTING!!!! To begin, traffic congestion .......as an example, those who were on the roads around Kirrawee on Good Friday last, ie 19/4, would be fully aware of the traffic problems in the area. Street parking will also prove to be a major issue. I thought the Council were more considerate of residents in the Shire, supposedly family orientated!! Such a rapid increase in the population in the Shire is absurd, there is absolutely NO infrastructure to cope. With so many multiple living residential constructions in progress it is quite disconcerting and makes one reconsider living in the area........you really seem determined to ruin the shire. We do NOT need more boarding houses!!!!

  15. Pat Johnson commented

    Steve, if the maximum stay at these ' boarding houses' is 3 months, how can they claim that they will be suitable for Professionals? Previously it was claimed that Nurses and Doctors would consider them as appropriate accommodation. That is ridiculous as they would not want to move after 3 months, apart from the fact that people who are working shifts at hospitals would find it impossible to get enough sleep.. It does seem that anyone who finds them a positive notion must have a financial interest in developing them or maybe they work for the council? 9 boarding house applications does sound ridiculous in a region that has managed for over 50 years to be a pleasant, quiet residential area. The Brickpit apartments will lose value as well as all the homes..

  16. Steve commented

    Pat, yes I had experience dealing with the one Tradies tried putting in at Gymea adjacent to the club. They were a mixture of boarding house rooms and affordable housing and in the terms and conditions boarding house rules stipulate that a maximum stay of 3 months is allowed. The developer also gets a payout for occupying the room from the government as well as an initial payout to subsidise the build. So it makes it a nice little income for the developer.

  17. Pat Johnson commented

    Steve, if Developer is paid by Govt. to subsidise the cost of buildings plus payout for rooms, is it Legal? At the least it sounds like collusion between Councils, Developers and the Government. The long term residents of the Shire have no say!

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