80A Oakwood Road Albanvale, VIC

Development of the land for 188 double storey dwellings, subdivision of the land into 188 lots and one super lot, the removal of native vegetation within an environmental significance overlay (schedule 6) and access alterations to a road in a road zone category 1

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 1 year ago. The date it was received by them was not recorded.

(Source: Brimbank City Council, reference P687/2017)


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  1. Adam Bunderla commented

    I think this proposal is fantastic, one of the best changes the area will see in my lifetime.
    It will be really great if they could ground the whole powerline from neale road right up to through the new estate and remove the eysore/health hazard that it is. the skyscrapers have to go!
    we need mccann drive to be linked and joined up to rockbank middle road in burnside with a small bridge over the waterway. im sick of driving 10-15 minutes to visit people less than 1km away over the creek.
    this will improve accessibility to both brimbank plaza as well as caroline area springs for all those living in the region.
    to have only taylors road and ballarat road as the only way to caroline springs is badly thought out planning in my oppinion.
    density around the shopping centre should be the priority moving forward.
    a new bus bigger terminal with a safe walking path to it will compliment the new estate and give those in albanvale something to cheer about.

  2. Caio commented

    Thumb up,
    We have to vote for a new coucil lord mayor for next election.

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