5 Hartill-Law Avenue, Bardwell Park NSW 2207

Change of use to a therapeutic massage with ancillary fitout on ground floor

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 year ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Bayside Council (Rockdale), reference CD-2019/122)


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  1. AJ commented

    The Palms Thai Day Spa (5 Hartill-Law Avenue, Bardwell Park) has reopened with no shop signs or anything. If the police raided these premises when they opened under the Palms Thai Day Spa with sniffer dogs supposedly, then why are they allowed to re-open for business under 'no name'?? Nothing has changed in my eyes. My suburb is not part of some third world country where anybody and anything goes. I surely do NOT want my property to devalue in price.

    Three massage parlours within 20 metres of one another on the same side of the street is too excessive let alone damaging to the suburb esp as two are dubious businesses. Dubious? yes....why the need to be open 7 days a week from 10 am to 10 pm??!

    The Palms Thai Day spa that has NO NAME at the moment, looks dubious especially how the front window is covered by a large bamboo divider which is a health hazard let alone it looks some backyard operation. Furthermore, it supposedly has 8 rooms for business and upstairs is also used I have heard via others in the suburb.

    With Private Certifiera running amok and leaving council powerless, then why do we have a democratically elected Council ???

    Time that Bayside Council put their Constituents first and ensured that our suburbs' identity and character is maintained. Given the rates that we are all charged to pay, Councils should be doing more for the residents of the suburb and simply not neglecting their concerns and allowing such shop owners to open such businesses who do not even live in the area.

  2. Cameron H commented

    This business has been targeted by a police raid a few weeks ago. How is it allowed to just reopen again after dodgy practices were discovered. Most importantly, shame on Bayside Council for carelessly allowing them to give them another chance. There are too many massage parlors in this suburb which is unnecessary. If Bayside Council are serious about improving quality of businesses in suburban areas why do they just let people do what they like with seemingly no regulation whatsoever. I am disgusted that these massage parlors are allowed to continue to operate under these conditions. It would be nice if we had more restaurants in the area. Who needs 3 massage parlors? I have so many questions. Bayside Council needs to investigate this issue.

  3. Jane commented

    I will be making representations directly to our State Member, Steve Kamper, as well as the Mayor of Bayside Council to investigate this business and its licensing and approval.

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