328 North Rocks Road North Rocks NSW 2151

Complying Development Certificate - Private - Internal fitout of existing tenancy for use as optometrist.KY - T15, 328-336 North Rocks Road, North Rocks, 2151, NSW.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 year ago. It was received by them 9 days earlier.

(Source: Parramatta City Council, reference CDP/214/2019)


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  1. Carea commented

    Dear Parramatta City Council,

    In response to the application to have another shop fitted as an optometry practice.

    I am concerned that there is already an optometrist at North Rocks. A more useful service may be beneficial to the North Rocks community. Such services could include the RMS, an employment service, Medicare or a Disability community service. North Rocks has a high aging population and require services that are accessible through low economic means and facilities catered to their needs.

    I am also concerned that North Rocks shops may have difficulty maintaining the leases of their spaces with such competition. Having competing optometrist will ultimately cause financial hardship to both practices. Recently one of the two optometrists closed down.

    In addition, the establishment of a new optometrist is wasteful to the environment. There is already 2 shops fitted as optometrist in this case complex Would it be possible to use the existing space and minimise the environmental impacts and disturbance to the North Rocks community with ongoing developments?

    Thank you for taking the time to consider my response.

  2. Steven Gilbert commented

    Ignorant comments like Carea’s are the reason why small businesses struggle.
    Firstly, a complying development certificate means that this development has already been conditionally approved by a private accredited certifier.
    Secondly, the North Rocks Shopping Centre is a privately owned centre. This means that they can freely choose what businesses they would like in their centre. If they want to have 20 optometrists they can.
    And thirdly, the optometrist is also privately owned. Meaning if they want to take out a lease at the North Rocks shopping centre and compete with the existing optometrist then they can.
    So instead of providing useless complaints to council maybe you should try providing support to a small business which is most likely owned by someone trying to make a living for themselves so they can pay their mortgage and feed their family.

  3. Joan Kelly commented

    I believe this is not a new shop but a movement of the business known to us as Garry White's which has been bought out by new owners. From memory it has been there over 30 years

  4. Joan Kelly commented

    Rumour has it that the new Coles which has a licence to operate 24/7 and that some businesses are moving their operations to be closer to the new Coles. This appears to be the case with this application. We can only hope with the opening of the new Coles the North Rocks Shopping Centre is revitalised and those business that have been adversely affected during the construction will gain from the refurbishment and that their struggled to survive will pay off They await with bated breath and a desperate hope for those businesses in the area between the existing Coles and KMart.

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