8 Ann Street Campbelltown SA 5074

To erect Two Double Storey Residential Flat Buildings comprising of Eight (8) Dwellings with associated Landscaping & Common Driveway & Demolition of Existing Dwelling

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  1. Anna Trezise commented

    I strongly oppose the erection of any 2 story dwellings at the, above-mentioned property. The traffic in the street is already high and given 8 dwellings and not enough parking on the property is only going to cause more havoc and accidents. Visually it is also going to look out of place in a single story majority street. The inconvenience on local elderly residents is going to impact their health. Please leave the street alone and stop this turning into places like Mawson Lakes. I await a reply to my opinion and objection

  2. Rob De Ieso commented

    I object to this development of 8 2 storey townhouse on the following points
    There is already a high flow off traffic in Ann Street with a lot of motorist using this street as the main street to get to all side streets in the area, with 8 town house being built there will not be enough space for cars to park due to the street already having a lot of cars parked in front of 2 Ann Street all the way to 10 Ann Street.
    With the area of campbelltown already having a huge in flux of these dwellings this will decrease the value of property in the area as they have flooded the area. on a environmentally issue I know there a lot edeerly residents in the street and with all the dust and noise this will have a impact on the health. As a visual aspect all houses currently in Ann street are single storey and having 8 town houses it will be an eyesore

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