240-250 McKinnon Road Mckinnon VIC 3204

A six storey building comprising six shops and 30 dwellings above a basement car park and a reduction in the car parking requirements and waiver of the loading bay requirement in accordance with the endorsed plans

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 5 months ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: City of Glen Eira, reference GE/PP-30387/2017/A)


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  1. Barb commented

    Whenever is this going to stop - high rise developments taking over our streetscape & developers not willing to provide adequate car parking for the dwellings being built. I was under the impression after attending meetings regarding the "revamp of Bentleigh" 5 storeys was Glen Eira Council's preference ?
    How much more can our streets & services take and how much more consistent disruption do residents have to put up with ? Already apartment block residents in Bent & Nicholson Sts parking in the railway car park permanently as not appropriate car parking provided at complexes - hence commuters forced to park elsewhere - in the streets. . You build 2 & 3 bedders - provide the same in car parking.
    Don't want to even ask what the loading bay waiver is ?
    I'm not opposed to progress but this over development of our suburbs is just too much - and the traffic congestion is/has become unbearable

  2. Barry Lewis commented

    When will they take notice of the residents that the reduction in parking requirements are making our roads harder to use, let alone for the current residents to have visitors that have to park in the streets.
    I'm not opposed to progress but this over development of our suburbs is just too much - and the traffic congestion is/has become unbearable.

  3. Mary Arulappan commented

    About time the Council paid attention to & took note of the sentiment of residents & rate payers. The key responsibility of an elected official is to represent the interests of their constituents & not to represent the interests of developers whose sole raison d'etre is a return on investment.
    The inappropriate development occurring in our suburb has adverse impacts on rate payers & residents - reduced parking on our streets, ruination of the streetscape, destruction of the neighbourhood character, greater stress on all amenities (such as schools, parks etc), shadow on neighbourhood solar panels, increase in carbon emissions & green house gases etc etc.
    Does the council not get the message given the ever increasing objections, resident uproar on social media etc etc. Council members - you are meant to preside over the enhancement of your suburbs, not preside over the destruction of them.

  4. Tony commented

    What has been done about the drainage issue? The main drain for runs right through the middle of this site (as per pervious planning) And as such u cant build with 3 meter of it or over the top of it. As this is case surly council will reject this one. This of cause not show issue of over shadowing and no step back

  5. Meeta commented

    The councilors clearly do not represent the interest of the long term residents of Glen Eira, they do not live locally and it is not in their own interest to slow down the over development of the area and complete destruction of the character of the suburb. Many suburbs have strict height and development regulations, but not Glen Eira, if there is a dollar to be made, it is on. In future we residents need to be overly cautious about the council representatives and who we elect.

  6. Don commented

    The councilors not only do not represent the interest of the long term residents, the planning department does not understand the character of the suburb - this is evidenced by the approvals of ugly building that have been allowed to be built in the Glen Eira area. As mentioned in earlier comments the $$$$ now override the future of the area. Typical short sighted planning and approval to create a concrete jungle. The reduction of parking with the impression that fewer cars are being bought is something just from a dream the Councillors have had - FYI see the cars parked on the side streets. Councillors an idea you can generate more money introduced parking restrictions in residential street and provide permits only to the residents - Glen Eira can fine the others for parking in Glen Eira.

  7. Jan Wilson commented

    I agree with all comments to date re this Application, McKinnon is supposed to be a Village, East Bentleigh a neighbourhood Centre, not Dormitories for McKinnon Secondary College. Parking and Traffic Management is a joke. Planning Department, sure seems out of touch with reality on the ground!

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