19 Gladstone Street, Bexley NSW 2207

Demolition of existing structures and construction of part two (2) and part three (3) storey boarding house comprising 15 rooms with basement parking and single storey communal room

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 year ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Bayside Council (Rockdale), reference DA-2019/117)


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  1. Claire commented

    Please do not approve this application. As an owner of a property on Gladstone Street I feel this will make the area unsafe. It is a family friendly environment. Please do not approve.

  2. Simon commented

    Give up Claire, these developments are practically pre-approved, at best they will modify the plans to meet the code. Done Deal. Best chance u have is to go to Chris Minns, recent election promise was to stop over development, but that is probably slim at best.

  3. Claire commented

    1: This development will be a few doors away from a childcare centre which wasn't there two years ago when they tried to get the 1st development approved. The childcare centre were not made aware of this. I don't believe this will make the area safe let alone having babies and children a few doors down.

  4. Ken James commented

    I live next door to this property he has had his first application refused by The Planning Committee unfortunately for you Simon you wouldn't understand. Let's hope for your sake you are never put in our situation this has been going on since 2017. The more people that object the more hope again he will be refused.

  5. suzanne o'connor commented

    There seems to be a l new trend in Development...Boarding Houses.
    We have a proposal for a seven story Boarding House in English street Kogarah with 44 rooms . It covers the whole of the very small block of land it sits on ....no garden , no recreational space . Where will all these people go ? Crammed in , possibly 80
    residents . What a dreadful change to our lovely street .
    I believe that developers get substantial assistance from Government to build theses establishments! So our money funds them somewhat .
    There was furious opposition here and the decision will be made by a planning panel .
    We will all attend IN FORCE to voice our opinions .
    These developments will ruin our suburbs . Change our lifestyles.
    Object and attend .

  6. Ann commented

    We really dont need all these boarding houses, why are there so many DA's going in for them? Who will live in them? How will they fit on public transport, where will they park?
    we dont need or want anymore in the area , there a plenty already built. seriously listen to the residents, too much over development its time to stop, and stop now

  7. Germana Eckert commented

    This development is the wrong type of development for the area. What's more, there are already too many boarding houses in the area and this style of living is not in keeping with the surrounding dwellings.
    Further, the location is not in walking distance to any train station and thus would not be convenient for people living in boarding house accommodation who may not have the funds to own their own car.
    In addition, having this development so close to a child care centre is at best disruptive to residents and at worst could be dangerous.
    When are resident concerns going to be heard by our elected representatives. We don't want this development!

  8. Noah Faber commented

    Are there actually people in Bexley that need boarding houses? Doesn’t seem like a safe choice for the area! If anything they should build a small modern block of apartments. This area needs to be looked at as a place where the apartment buildings are needing some little cosmetic upgrades as a lot of it is out of date, a boarding house with loads of traffic including potential people sitting in the streets smoking before going into the boarding rooms will make the street turn into a ghetto. No one wants this

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