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Other applications in the last 2 months within 2 km of 425 Bronte Road Bronte NSW 2024

  1. 106 Francis Street Bondi Beach NSW 2026
    20 days ago, 1.4 kilometres away

    Remove one (1) Radiata Pine from rear garden near fence and replace with one (1) native species. Tree is positioned in a location where it has insufficient space to develop. This tree appears to be showing signs of Pine Wilt nematode (Bursaphelenchus xylophilus), with dieback of yellowing and brown needles. Trees wilt and die in a short period of time, from several weeks to a few months. In the first stages, the needles turn grey or green, then yellow and brown. The discoloration sometimes occurs branch by branch, sometimes all at once. The brown needles stay on the tree for up to a year after the tree has died.

  2. 77 Henrietta Street Waverley NSW 2024
    20 days ago, 830 metres away

    Remove one (1) Callistemon from the front yard and replace with one (1) native species. This tree has outgrown its location and is situated within 3 metres of the dwelling. The root system is lifting the path, causing damage to the front porch, pressing up against the foundation of the house and blocking the storm water pipes. The tree’s canopy covers 50% of the roof, to prune this tree would require a large amount to be removed, leaving it as a poor specimen.

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    8 Bon Accord Avenue Bondi Junction NSW 2022
    24 days ago, 1.7 kilometres away

    Remove one (1) Eucalyptus from corner of backyard and replace with one (1) native species. This tree is unsuitable and unsustainable in its location, and has a number of structural defects including evidence of damage caused by Longicorn beetles, and included bark. It has the potential to drop large branches, presenting an unacceptable level of risk to the residents. The large wound, in the leader to the North West where a branch was removed, is a weak point and is showing signs of decay. There is evidence of included bark between the two main leaders. As the tree grows the narrow union will essentially fill with bark and create a growing area of structural weakness in the tree. It is likely that stress put on the either of the co-dominant stems can cause splitting, or the stem to break off at the junction. As a tree ages and grows, included bark becomes more of a danger to the surrounding trees and property.

  4. 2 Henry Street Queens Park NSW 2022
    25 days ago, 1.2 kilometres away

    Remove one (1) Monterey Cypress hedge from the rear property boundary. These trees are unsuitable & unsustainable in their location, there is insufficient space for them to flourish and mature in good health and vigour. As they continue to grow they will cause ongoing damage to the boundary enclosure, as they can reach 40 meters in height and 2.5 meters in trunk diameter, in perfect growing conditions. This species is regarded as an environmental weed in Victoria and Tasmania, and a potential environmental weed or "sleeper weed" in South Australia.

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