56 Kathryn Road, Knoxfield VIC 3180

Development of 11 dwellings and removal of native vegetation

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 9 months ago. It was received by them 7 months earlier.

(Source: Knox City Council, reference P/2018/6502)


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  1. Gazza commented

    This is a ridiculous development which will be at the detriment to the Knoxfield area.
    The parking issues which are FREQUENTLY seen around Knoxfield will be a horrendous with multiple houses being built the inevitability of cars parking illegally along this road which is a solid white line and close to the corner.

    The Knox council and vcat should be held accountable for destroying what was once a beautiful suburb- know just full of unkept shanti like dwellings.

  2. Elizabeth Teesdale wrote to local councillor Nicole Seymour

    I have been watching the planning alerts locally for some time now and am shocked that eleven dwellings in one development could be allowed . The only rationale is that council wants development at all cost. Is it to earn income for council or is it due to developers having undue influence on councillors or workers at council? What other reasons could there be to carve up this land in the mannner that it is being done. What are the developers giving back to the suburb in return. The designs are boring and outdated. They don't appear to be sustainable and in ten years will look awful as they are cheaply built for a quick buck. In a development as big as this the developer should at least be made to set aside a large area for the residents to have green space and to grow vegetables, etc. Obviously, no one at council lives in this area or cares what happens....

    Delivered to local councillor Nicole Seymour. They are yet to respond.

  3. Knoxfield Resident of 50 Lucky Years commented

    brilliant proposal and great development. hopefully this will bring about affordability and allow for young families to become home owners.
    very selfish of people who oppose to this kind of development and think that they own the entire Knox council because they live here and delay the opportunity for others to become home owners.
    Thank you to the developer/owner for this proposal. It meets the residential codes requirements and both local and government policies and planning schemes.
    We are all in support of this application and there is still time and room to add more units in there.

  4. Ian Simpson commented

    Eleven townhouses on this site is extreme. Nine townhouses would provide for more onsite parking for residents and less crowding on Kathryn Road parking spaces.

    Secondly, the removal of native trees will further desecrate the environment for birdlife that use these trees as an avenue from Lakewood Reserve to Corhanwarrabul Creek and from the Dandenong Ranges to Dandenong Creek areas. Once Knoxfield's birdlife was thriving now due to tree removals less and less varieties of birds have been noted.
    Retaining some trees would at least provide some benefit for the birdlife.

    Most townhouses have at least 2 cars, some rental properties have four, meaning that car parking space is at a premium on these developments. Local courts and parking spaces along Kathryn Road are becoming so congested adding to traffic problems along Kathryn Road. Eleven townhouses with at least two cars would mean another 110 car trips a day along Kathryn Road daily and with no traffic lighted exits from the estate, creating dangerous conditions during peak times. So a reduction of units would assist with traffic flows considerably.

    It is no wonder that the mean temperature in Knoxfield has risen by 2 degrees since 1970, considering all the developments that have been built with all the concrete areas, creating "heat banks". Less units and more earthen areas would assist in developing a more appropriate environment for this suburb.

    Please consider these arguments before making a decision on the 56 Kathryn Road planned development.

  5. Lynette - a long time Knoxfield resident commented

    It is very important for people to submit an objection to the council. If you don’t take time to do this then you can’t complain later. If everyone that feels the need to help save Knoxfield from over development submits an objection, it may make a difference.
    You can object the following ways:

    1. Email to the council on knoxcc@knox.vic.gov.au
    2. Go into the planning documents , view and then object on line https://eservices.knox.vic.gov.au/ePathway/Production/Web/GeneralEnquiry/EnquirySummaryView.aspx?PageNumber=2
    3. Complete a hard copy and send/drop into Council (available on line and from council offices)

  6. Trudi Dods wrote to local councillor Nicole Seymour

    11 townhouses is extreme, why can't this be reduced so as the large trees don't have to be removed? MONEY.
    Instead of creating maximum density, help improve the infrastructure of the area. Traffic flow is already high, public transport struggling to get through this estate let alone get out. No surprise if that service disappears. Anybody thinking about emergency services trying to get in? Fire trucks are getting bigger, who uses their side mirrors on their car? Higher insurance if you park on the street. This area is a volunteer fire service they need to get to the station and back with an appliance.

    Delivered to local councillor Nicole Seymour. They are yet to respond.

  7. Harry Birkenfelds wrote to local councillor Jake Keorg

    Shame shame,shame,hopefully if its approved there will be a condition to provide sufficient of street parking not only for homeowners but for visitors as well.The situation in Pejaro Crt is a joke with numerous owners from the 3 multi unit complexes opposite in Kathryn Rd parking their cars in the court for days and weeks on end.Then on the weekends in become worse with their visitors also parking in the Court making it extremely difficult to access our own place.A previous mayor said he would look into it,just before an election some years ago,guess what nothing happened!!

    Delivered to local councillor Jake Keorg. They are yet to respond.

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