44 The Avenue, Windsor VIC 3181

Application for demolition of dwelling and outbuilding

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 1 year ago. It was received by them 4 days earlier.

(Source: City of Stonnington, reference 0181/19)


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  1. Holly Alexander commented

    This is a travesty that such a stately building will be demolished to ostensibly make way for another multi storey development with little design value; if such developers wish to construct these dwellings better consideration should be given to a more sympathetic setting. We have spent close to three years in town planning for our renovations to our home in Como Ave at great expense to help preserve the unique buildings that make our municipality so desirable and more should be done; such a shame that this detruction is becoming the norm; our suburbs are heaving already with population density, infrastructure should be bolstered before the numbers swell even more.

  2. Bob evans commented

    What an absolute disgrace that this house will be demolished. These houses can never be rebuilt. This is our heritage. These parasitic developers can build anywhere. Why here? What's the point of a planning system with so many loop holes? A system that encourages our heritage and our village be systematically destroyed forever. I bet if a family bought this to renovate and extend, council would have made it so difficult. They would have demanded complementry materials/colours/scale etc. In the end it's easier to destroy them. So this is the outcome. What a perverse situation we find ourselves in.

  3. Ron Binding commented

    Typical of Stonnington Council why isn't anyone surprised. Buildings pulled down and land being left vacant for years (St Georges Road) a prime example and then overdevelopment of the land with no set backs, leading to shade and loss of privacy.

  4. Ant commented

    How can the amount $9 900. 00 be in place for a “demolition of house and outbuildings “
    Am I missing something ❓
    What is planned to replace this wonderful example of Victorian architecture ❓
    Appartments ❓, medical rooms ❓
    All that attract higher council rates no less ‼️
    Once it’s gone .. “ ITS GONE ‼️
    A travesty in the highest

  5. Kerry Rainer commented

    To the Planning Authority City Of Stonnington,
    I strongly object to the application for demolition of 44 The Avenue Windsor, application number 0181/19.

    44 The Avenue Windsor is part of the significant Avenue Precinct, a small residential area of freestanding villas developed through the 1880s (Nos 42, 44 and 46) and 1890s (Nos 48-56) The subject site has a Heritage Overlay ( HO148)

    To allow the demolition of the site would not only destroy a building of local historic and aesthetic significance but could be the trigger for similar applications on the other properties which form The Avenue Precinct. Without due care, responsibility and consideration all the historic houses that form this group might be lost. That would be a a huge loss locally and a huge loss for others, as myself, who enjoy viewing an Historic street scape such as this

    It must be noted that the application itself is quite bewildering as the proposal type on the application states " Alterations" yet the reason for permit states " Application for demolition of dwelling and outbuilding"

  6. Jessica Burton commented

    To the Planning Authority City Of Stonnington,
    I strongly object to the application for demolition of 44 The Avenue Windsor, application number 0181/19. 44 The Avenue is part of the important Avenue Precinct and the site is subject to the Heritage Overlay (HO148). It forms an important part of the amenity and history of our suburb and protected for this reason.
    Thank you.

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