136-140 Terry Street Albion Park NSW 2527

Use Of Shop As Cafe With Outdoor Dining

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 year ago. The date it was received by them was not recorded.

(Source: Shellharbour City Council, reference DA0117/2019)

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  1. Kim Bassett commented

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I am the owner/operator of DropnGo Laundry which I have owned for 11 years.

    I am writing in concern over the parking issue at Terry Street Shops. This car park is to accommodate 9 shops (was 10 but one has since closed due to lack of parking)

    Approximately 12 months ago a small cafe by the name of Three Flamingos Cafe opened their doors at the northern end of the small shopping complex which has seating for approx 26 patrons. This cafe is now expanding into the vacant shop which will have seating for approx 90 patrons (both shops combined). The parking around the Terry Street shops will become a nightmare for all the other shops due to no parking being available for our customers (which is happening now with just the smaller cafe). My shop is a drop off/ pick up shop with people bringing in & picking up their laundry. My customers are in my shop for no longer than 5 minutes. Some of my customers are elderly & would not manage to carry their items long distance from their vehicles (I often go out & get their items for them or take items out to their cars as they are too heavy for them to carry). Other customers carry large washing/ ironing baskets into my shop. If there is no parking available, my customers will go elsewhere which would put my shop in jeopardy of closing its doors like the Pet shop.
    Maybe if the southern end of the car park (Simpson Parade end) was designated for 10 car spaces for the shops that are also pick up/drop off (there are two other businesses in the same boat as mine) & sign posted for "10 to 15 minute parking only" for our customers. I do not have an issue with the cafe trading nor expanding but parking has become a big issue & will only get worse in the near future with the expansion of the cafe. Please remember this car park is to serve eight other businesses.

    I hope you consider my concern on the parking issue.

    Thank you

    Kim Bassett

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  1. We never display your street address. Why do you need my address?

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