45 Amy Street Erskineville NSW 2043

Re-notification of amended plans for demolition of existing dwelling and construction of a two storey boarding house with attic space within rear roof dormer and two front dormers. Boarding house consists of eight boarding rooms and two motorcycle and bicycle parking.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 year ago. It was received by them 5 months earlier.

(Source: City of Sydney, reference D/2019/189)


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  1. Jennifer Killen commented

    I object strongly to this proposal.
    This building is irreplaceable and still very serviciable.
    The developer tries to justify demolition on the grounds that although it is in the Former Macdonaldtown Heritage Conservation Area the building "is identified as a neutral item" and many other buildings in the area "have been altered with inappropriate use of materials such as brick fencing, aluminium framed windows, odd shaped windows and oversized dormer windows."
    Sounds like a year 9 student trying to justify really bad behaviour on the grounds that other students have misbehaved in more minor ways.
    ie their argument is that others have done the wrong thing by altering their homes so we can go further and knock this one down for profit.
    The claim that they will build "affordable housing" sounds like code for "another airbnb hostel" - there is no commitment that I could see to housing society's most needy, eg older women living in poverty or single parent families living in cars. The "affordable housing" claim is just an excuse for erecting substandard dwellings which would otherwise fail to gain approval.

  2. P McGee commented

    I feel that a 3 story building is out of keeping and an overdevelopment with the area.

    There’s a lack of onsite parking offered for the 8 rooms proposed in the development. It’s likely that there would be more than one occupant per room and there will be added parking pressure on nearby streets.

    I question the capacity of the developer to ensure that the residence is maintained as a boarding house in perpetuity. The development could easily become an Air B&B or private dwelling. The developer should be required to maintain a bond of the market value of the property, forfeitable to the council in the event of the building not being used as a boarding house, and to agree to an ongoing caveat on the property title that the premises must always remain a boarding house.

    The nearby community will lose significant amenity if the council allows this proposed boarding house to be developed, its only fair that, if approved, the developer has ‘skin in the game’ to ensure that the development does not change usage in the future without a significant penalty that would benefit to the community.

  3. Hudson hudson commented

    This is a character home that adds character to this existing street. The council needs to retain these character properties and respect the history of this area .
    An 8 bedroom Boarding house with no parking is a ridiculous idea on this street which is already full everyday with no available parking spaces left .
    This is a historic double fronted home that should be restored to its former glory & protected .

  4. L Jackson commented

    I strongly oppose this development application.

    The application is greedy and completely out of touch with the community and lifestyle we have worked so hard for.

    I am a mum and in an area already over crowded with cars due to more and more development in the area (without adequate off street parking) it is no longer safe for my son to play on the foot paths.

    8 rooms will likely comprise of 2 people per room plus their cars , animals and other items which will likely not be maintained.

    8 rooms creates an unsavoury environment and encourages anti social behaviour.

    It is outrageous that these planning submissions even make it this far. Erskineville is a small village with a wholesome reputation and it should be kept that way, at very least to protect our children.

    The approval of this submission would destroy the heart of this area and would pave the way for other wildly inappropriate and greedy developments.

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