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    14 Clarence Street Bentleigh East VIC 3165
    7 days ago, 1.2 km away

    Construction of four (4) double storey dwellings Proposed amendments: I would like to remove the large Gumtree from our back yard. When we moved into our house we decided that we would try and live with it, however after 4.5 yrs of living here we have decided that it must go. It is too large, too close to our house and is damaging our property. We have had to install gutter guard on our 2nd floor gutters due to the the excessive amounts of leaves/gumdrops that it drops all year round, not only did this cost over $2,000 but we also had to pay for someone to come and clean them on a monthly basis beforehand Most of our backyard is covered by decking and the tree covers 80% of the deck, It's constantly stained with bird poo and leaves and gumdrops gather and cause further stains when the weather is bad. It has also completely ruined our outdoor furniture setting and we are reluctant to replace it as it will only happen again. We get no sunlight in our back yard which makes it very hard to grow any other plants/flowers, we have invested money in new plants multiple times only to see them die. We have tried to lay mulch through our flower beds but there is too may leaves to be able to manage it. We've had possums possums in out roof and they continue to come on from the tree. We would like to remove it and replant a small native tree that is a more appropriate size for our backyard. By doing this it will not only keep the nice native feel that we have in our area but also provide us with an outdoor area that we can actually use and prevent any further damage to our property.

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