9 Citrus Avenue Hornsby NSW 2077

Residential - new multi unit - 15 townhouses - demolition

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 5 months ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Hornsby Shire Council, reference DA/156/2019)


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  1. Carol Cannings commented

    I strongly disagree with the proposed new multi unit development, comprising 15 townhouses, at 9 Citrus Avenue, Hornsby.

    The road is too narrow to allow for additional parking along the street. The surrounding roads do not cater for any extra traffic which would come from such a large development.

    Local schools are already crowded and Hornsby Hospital has long waiting lists for anything other than emergency surgery. Even for those emergencies, you could very well be taken to another hospital because of insufficient beds and staff.

    In short, the current infrastructure will not allow any further developments which would bring more residents into Hornsby. Please do not give approval to this proposal.

  2. GIuseppe Fazio (not for publication) commented

    How in Hell can you put 15 townhouses in such small block? some people must have saw dust or rocks in they brains, this is only greed by Governments and I strongly agree with previous comment, when we are going to stop this madness?

  3. Angela Ratcliffe commented

    No one is listening and the units simply keep coming - how about the council fix up the Asquith shopping precinct. If our suburb is going to have modern urban living let the shopping and retail strip on the Pacific Highway reflect this.

    Currently the retail strip is unchanged from the 1950s - no glamour or nostalgia just dirty , broken down facades, graffiti and decay.

    The rapidly expanding and long suffering population of Asquith deserves something better!

  4. Jacqueline Taylor commented

    Strongly agree with Angela Ratcliffe. Let's get community spaces which we can be proud of, with areas to gather, support local business and greenery.
    Vibrant spaces deter graffiti.

  5. Fenella Walter commented

    Is anybody out there listening to what is being said? Despite all the objections the DAs keep coming. Meanwhile, as per one of the comments above, it would be good to have some feedback from council as to why the Asquith shopping precinct is in such a shocking state - are the owners simply waiting for the highest bidder or for permission to put up 20 storey blocks? Surely the owners cannot have all the say in what is in fact a public amenity. Council, please explain.

  6. Sofia commented

    Totally agree with all the comments. The council is not listening and instead of investing in the infrastructure such as building concrete footpaths in the streets around Hornsby north and upgrading the Asquith retail area, instead they continue to allow more poor quality development in the area. Has anyone seen the townhouses on the corner of Peats Ferry and Old Berowra rd? They have been on sale for more than a year and remain vacant because the design so awful both interior and exterior and perhaps finally buyers are becoming more selective. So disappointing to think more of the same is on its way.

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