27 Paul Street Bondi Junction NSW 2022

Demolition of Boarding house and construction of two residential flat buildings to create 18 afforable rental units.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 1 year ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Waverley Council, reference DA-66/2019)


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  1. Lisa Goodman commented

    What a tragedy to demolish a beautiful federation house and replace it with cheap apartments.

    This is another example of over - development masquerading as affordable housing. 18 units is far to high a ratio for the land mass. It is also out of proportion to the other houses in the street.

    There does not seem to be any documents under the tab on the council website so it's impossible to comment further.

  2. Billy commented

    How can the owner and the Council even consider this DA when the house at 27 Paul St has been identified as a Heritage item by the Council themselves! It is on Waverley Council's Heritage list as a fine example of Victorian architecture. Please refuse this DA without any further consideration. There is also a Victorian house next door so together they create a significant Heritage streetscape.

  3. CB commented

    I hope that Waverley Council deny the DA to demolish this beautiful, heritage Victorian house. There's absolutely no need for 18 more 'affordable units'. Paul St already has two huge and ugly unit blocks (31-29 and 37-43 Paul St) that downgraded this heritage area forever. It would be such a shame to damage it further and remove what little original architecture there is left in this streetscape.

    Does 'heritage listed status' hold any value anymore or, is the only decision-maker in Bondi Junction these days the developer's dollar?

  4. John S. Batts commented

    Well said Billy, Lisa, and CB! Having Victorian and other heritage buildings in the Waverley area is no insignificant part of the attraction of this part of Sydney. Moves to destroy this environment must be opposed.

  5. Peta Maloney commented

    This should not be approved for obvious reasons. What is the point of heritage conservation if these properties are allowed to be demolished?

  6. IH commented

    To demolish this beautiful, heritage-listed house and replace it with the proposed ugly, over-sized and inappropriate high rise in the quiet cul de sac of Paul Street would be yet another travesty in a litany of poor planning decisions over decades.
    I have lived here since the early 1950s and can't believe how the appeal of our once -desirable Waverley area has been steadily eroded by successive councils which approve developments such as this proposed 'affordable housing' structure.
    We have lost so many of our precious building assets; residents are left with only ugly mistakes. It appears there is no end to these demolitions - Waverley is fast becoming an urban ghetto. Please stop now before there is nothing left of our precious heritage. Please, Waverley Council, do not approve the Paul Street DA application.

  7. Jason Smith commented

    Please do not allow this development. This part of history should not be allowed to be destroyed for replacing with yet another shonky building

  8. Patricia Droga commented

    Re 27 Paul Street
    I think it is a disappointing to see another beautiful old Victorian home destroyed for apartments. Why can't the developers at least think about extending the building and making it into two or three apartments by extending it?
    Waverley Council please leave some buildings in tact for the next generation to enjoy.

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