40 Old Canterbury Road Lewisham NSW 2049

Boarding House

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 4 months ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Inner West Council (Marrickville), reference DA201900065)


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  1. Suzanna Szabo commented

    No records to view, housing for disabled should be fully funded by state and federal government and be run by public health services with adequate checks and balances, and well appointed accommodations.

  2. Susan Meech commented

    Nothing to view - no plans, nothing. This is an incredibly small piece of land with traffic constantly turning left onto and along Barker St to travel over the overpass or back onto Old Canterbury Road. there is no available or safe parking at all near by.
    The only crossing is a block away under the railway bridge which is no where near sufficient or safe and residents are in danger trying to cross this road on a daily basis.
    Building a boarding house on this corner creates its own danger with people exiting.

  3. Melissa Liu commented

    I am extremely concerned about the traffic in this area. This is a very busy intersection with traffic from both directions turning into Barker Street. It is already very unsafe for pedestrians to cross the road unless crossing at the lights which is either a block away under the bridge or at Parramatta Road which people just dont use because they are too far away. Building a two storey boarding house with parking will further obstruct traffic congestion and endanger the lives of pedestrians. Furthermore, Lewisham has always been a very safe, quiet and little tight knit community amongst close by busier suburbs and I am unsure how bringing a boarding house accommodation may affect this area.

  4. Erin Farrell commented

    This is a brilliant idea. The more low cost housing in the area for singles and students, the better. People who live in boarding houses rarely have their own transport, due to lack of need. Parking will not be an issue, ergo neither will traffic.

  5. Jcp commented

    We have a so-called ‘Boarding House’ around the corner and most people seem to have a car because they’re parked along our street. It is advertised on a Real Estate agent as a flat for rent and not as Boarding House accommodation.
    So called ‘Boarding Houses’ are nothing but rental accommodation and more likely to be AirBnB.

  6. Susan Meech commented

    While I appreciate the need for low cost accommodation the Boarding house built opposite this site has parking for 2 vehicles - having this has taken away 2 on street car parks that were used by those living in the surrounding streets. There is not enough room for parking for everyone in the area as it is - this has been cut hugely due to 'safety' issues. A boarding house with parking at that location is an invitation to collisions on a daily basis.

  7. Steven Bliim commented

    I strongly object to this development. There's insufficient room on Barker Street to support safe egress for parking from a multi-dwelling development on this busy corner.

    This thoroughfare receives over 10,000 traffic movements per day, which is very high for this area and is set to increase shortly as a result of tolls to be re-introduced on the Westconnex/M4 motor way.

    The addition of yet another Boarding house is not in keeping with the character of the area. There is quite a large density of boarding houses in this area as well.

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