364 Auburn Road Hawthorn VIC 3122

Construction of a three-storey residential development comprising twenty-six (26) dwellings

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 3 months ago. It was received by them 4 days earlier.

(Source: Boroondara City Council, reference PP19/00128)


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  1. Tony Jones wrote to local councillor Coral Ross

    Very worrying to see such a high density development with significant bulk and traffic implications replacing low impact and spacious garden led housing. This looks like the old approach of draw up plans to overdevelop, get a council rejection and see what they can get back at VCAT. I hope the council is very strong on this one and minimises the visual bulk and makes sure it has ample parking. Auburn Rd is already awful at peak hours and very busy at all other times.

    Delivered to local councillor Coral Ross. They are yet to respond.

  2. Richard Moulding commented

    It's confusing and concerning for many residents to again see beautiful homes (in this case a stunning Victorian) being bulldozed for multi-dwelling units. It appears to be a free-for-all with little, or no controls. Many understand the need for higher density but there appears to be no clear plan on how this is best achieved in a balanced way.
    In the meantime many of these Victorian homes are being torn down reducing what makes these areas unique & historically significant.

  3. Jack Roach (BRAG) commented

    Now that the government has changed the regulations to force 70% of new residential development into the middle suburbs there may be very little council can do. This is just the beginning of what could happen all over Boroondara

  4. Kerrie Knott wrote to local councillor Coral Ross

    I totally agree with all previous comments. The concerning issue is that our elected council are basically powerless to assist us and in many cases are in agreement with our concerns. VCAT and the government planning minister are the problem. They can overturn a sensible and carefully considered decision by council. Our precious area is buckling under the strain and our infrastructure cannot cope with the influx and huge addition to our population. It has just taken me 45 minutes to travel from Power Street to Burke Road on Saturday mid morning. Chaos.

    Delivered to local councillor Coral Ross. They are yet to respond.

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