482 North Road Ormond VIC 3204

Extension of Time

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 3 months ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: City of Glen Eira, reference GE/EXT-1794/2019)


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  1. Donald Lobo commented

    This development should not be given approval and application cancelled prior to even considering an extension of time - it does not fit the character or the area and Glen Eira planning Department and council instead of rejecting the application are granting the extension out of greed for rates. This development has been objected to in no uncertain terms and in the planning meeting it took the councilors to approve thhe development in 6 seconds after reading. Clearly the councilors and the planning department have no regard to what the current rate payers want for the community. This rampant high rise developments must stop and put an end to in Glen Eira. DONT DESTROY ORMOND LIKE YOU HAVE DESTROYED GLENHUNTLY.

  2. Allan Willoughby commented

    How do we have a united voice against such developments. They are occurring through out Bentleigh as well
    The council clearly doesn't want to listen.
    We had a development (2 story town houses) near us which they (Council) originally objected to and with only very minor modifications approved.
    The council were going to take the matter to VACT with 10 other objectors however due to the council being the only VCAT represented/registered party when they approved the project the other objectors did not get a VCAT hearing

  3. Charles Smith commented

    I think this is perfectly in keeping with the character of the neighborhood. A solid architectural response to the surround streetscape is just what is needed here. I look forward to seeing the development progress.

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