48 Murray Crescent, Rowville VIC 3178

Two lot subdivision

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 6 months ago. It was received by them 3 months earlier.

(Source: Knox City Council, reference P/2018/6702)


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  1. Josephine Skoblar commented

    Why ruin the beautiful streets of Rowville by making it over populated with units and townhouses. Streets like Murray crescent offer decent sized blocks but once one person subdivides others will follow and then eventually our suburb will commence to look like other over populated areas where you can bearly drive through your own street or even park your car. The Rowville area has significantly increased in price over the last 9 years, allowing subdivisions lowers the price of the area. Think carefully before approving this, many don't want development in the area, they are just too afraid of their neighbours to speak up.

  2. Russell Nelson wrote to local councillor Darren Pearce

    I agree with Josephine and strongly oppose the subdivision. The resultant smaller blocks and and condensed living will ruin the livability in Rowville and overwhelm the inadequate infrastructure. Greed is the reason for the proposal not the betterment of Rowville

    Delivered to local councillor Darren Pearce. They are yet to respond.

  3. Michael Vanin wrote to local councillor Darren Pearce

    I support the application. The owner is only exercising their democratic right to develop their own property in accordance with the agreed planning scheme that must take into account matters like infrastructure.

    Delivered to local councillor Darren Pearce. They are yet to respond.

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