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Tree Application - Request for the removal of two (2) Tree's

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 3 months ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Parramatta City Council, reference TA/97/2019)


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  1. M.McCartney commented

    I object to the removal of these 2 trees. There is insufficient information provided in the application to identify their species and to justify their removal. We also do not know their value for local wildlife.
    The City of Parramatta Council belongs to the Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils which has a Turn Down the Heat Strategy in which it would seem preserving the tree canopy is crucial. This strategy needs to be honoured by preserving our trees.
    If the trees are close to the house and worry the owner perhaps they could be pruned if required rather than removed.

  2. Julie Lennon commented

    I would be interested to know if the council ranger/ arborist actually checks out the claims of the owners. If not, and the application is approved, then the application system is faulty. Approval can’t be carte blanche. Do we ever receive responses to these comments?

  3. Neil Donovan commented

    It is hard to know about Council staff in relation to any procedure. However, i can only comment that the Council Arborist who came to assess our lemon scented gum, dropping big limbs 2 years ago was fully qualified and professional in assessing the tree and similar tree applications in our area. We were happy to prune and treat the tree. One can only hope that council has sufficient staff to deal with the current upswing in tree removal applications across its boundaries. Street tree planting should be mandatory and planned in this day and age.

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