6 Bevis Street Bentleigh East VIC 3165

Construct a 3 storey building comprising up to 22 apartments and a basement car park

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 7 months ago. It was received by them about 1 month earlier.

(Source: City of Glen Eira, reference GE/DP-32560/2018)


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  1. Jan Wilson commented

    How many times do theneighbours in Bevis Street and beyond have to object to the gross, totally out of neighbourhood character, development of these two sites?

  2. Shanta commented

    Is there a neighborhood group, to stop and curb and object to undesirable development of Glen Eira council area? Is over development of Carnegie a disgrace and do most of the long term residents and rate payer think that over development of parts of Caulfield Bentleigh, Mckinnon, Bentleigh East and Ormond, is disseminating and destroying the character of all these suburbs? Is it that for Glen Eira council Special Building and Heritage Overlay does not preclude any property from being demolished? Is it just bad luck for the long term rate payers who have invested their life savings and chosen to live in these suburbs and in houses which have Heritage Overlay and Special Building Overlay and choose to continue to live in such houses when developers are biting at the heels to demolish and rebuild large number of apartments? Who does one think the council is going to back?

  3. Mary Arulappan commented

    This is yet another inappropriate development that is destroying the streetscapeand the character of these suburbs. 22 families where a single family lived! This puts stress on multiple elements such as parking, schools, parks etc as these facilities were built to cater to a much lower population density. The implications - 1.7 vehicles become 37+ more vehicles traversing Bevis street (based on Bentleigh's average) ; 259 kg of recycling at 6 Bevis Street increases to 5698 kg of recycling annually; 464 kgs of garbage becomes 10,208 kg of garbage at 6 Bevis Street; CO2 emissions greatly increased....and so the list goes on.
    However, the council gets 22 rate paying households instead of 1! And of course, this increase in rates collected allows for plenty!
    I agree with the hundreds if not thousands of residents who bemoan the destruction of neighbourhood character as a result of inappropriate development.

  4. tammy commented

    Hi All

    as many of you may be aware of the new application made for the redevelopment of 6 & 8 Bevis St. This time the application is for 22 apartments with underground carpark.

    If this proposal goes ahead, clearly the immediate neighbours would be affected by its scale and physical dominance, however, it would impact adversely on rest of the community in terms of, on-street parking & manoeuvring, excessive increase in residential density etc.

    22 apartment X 2 parents and 2 children = 88 people in 2 blocks of land & 44 cars parks on the street. It is a chaos

    Upon reviewing the plans (which would be made public shortly) please write your comments, concerns, criticism and suggestions for solutions to: planning alerts.org.au/alerts/signup. (it goes to Glen Eira council)

    Pleas share our concern and our activity with family and friends that live in our area.

    We are asking the council to keep the neighbourhood character like: Bevis :1,2,3,4,5,7,11,10,14 etc.: 2 townhouses max 3 on a block


    Tammy Kricheli

  5. Long Tran commented

    Please say no to new developments. No space for car park, no place for children playing, no school for children.

  6. Tammy Kricheli commented

    Dear Neighbours,

    Residents of Bevis, Filbert, Agnes, Malane, May, Ellen, Huntingdan, Cambridge, Valkston and St Ives Streets and other

    Few of us had a preliminary meeting earlier today in relation to redevelopment of 6-8 Bevis Street, Bentleigh East. The planning application seeks to construct 22 apartment building over the two lots with underground car park.

    We believe that in its current built form the proposed development would adversely impact on the amenities of the abutting properties but more so it would create precedence that will allow similar developments to be built in the surrounding streets.

    For example, the adverse effect will be felt as proposal doesn’t provide visitors parking, which will “encourage” the new residents to utilise street parking.

    It also sharply increases the population in the area by at least 80 souls.

    More importantly we believe that proposed development is too prominent and uncharacteristic to our area.

    The last date to submit objections to the council is 11 March 2019. Please forward your objections, concerns to council. If you have difficulties submitting your objection, please reply here with any questions you have

    You can also indicate in the attached form that you wish for us to represent you at Glen Eira Council.

    Thank you,
    Tammy Kricheli.

  7. Ann commented

    Good luck to Valkstone Primary School in potentially having to educate the children of 22 new families residing in its neighborhood zone - a school already struggling under the burden of swelling numbers of pupils living in its catchment.

  8. Tammy Kricheli commented

    Dear Neighbours,
    VCAT Reference NO. P840/2019 6-8 Bevis st.

    We would like to thank the Glen Eira City Council for voting against granting the planning permit and retaining the neighbourhood character for the overdevelopment of 6 - 8 Bevis Street.

    Please be aware that the last day for acknowledging your participation in VCAT is the 20th June. You can express your interest in the below listed forms:
    • You may participate and have allocated time to present your case in hearings (for information on how to object in VCAT please email to overdevelopment2019@gmial.com ),
    • You may also choose to be represented by one of the participant neighbours in the hearings (we are representing many of the neighbours who cannot attend the hearings).

    Please email your name, address and your concerns & constructive solutions about the development it the attached form (overdevelopment, adverse effect on the neighbourhood characters, overshadowing, overlooking, parking & traffic, impact on the existing and new residents’ amenities and any other relevant issues to your residence).

    Thank you
    Neighbours of Bevis St.

    Planning and Environment Act 1987

    Contact Number:

    VCAT Reference No.: P840/2019
    Property Address: 6-8 Bevis Street, Bentleigh East, VIC, 3165.
    Proposal: Construct a 3 storey building comprising up to 22 apartments and a basement car park

    NOTE: I would be interested in attending a consultation meeting.

    Yes / No represent us in VCAT for: Practice day hearing, Compulsory conference and Final hearing



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