61 Newmans Road Woolgoolga NSW 2456

Dwelling-Alteration - Garage conversion to 2 Bedrooms (continual use)

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 7 months ago. It was received by them about 12 hours earlier.

(Source: Coffs Harbour City Council, reference 0577/19DA)


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  1. My and Mrs Robert Buckely commented

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    My concerns regarding this conversion of a double garage into two bedrooms in this particular resident being the fact the new owners lease out bed for fruit picking people that being a larger number as many as 12 possibly more, they in the past have flooded the road with vehicles, this is not fair for neighbors that have their driveways with vehicles close to their entrance, Newman’s Road in a busy road and some cars travel regularly at speeds where when backing out your own drive blocks your view this has a potential of an accident happening.
    The residence had provided an been built for off street parking, now this conversion will force those who rent to fill the road with far too many vehicles, they have in the past parked further along Newman’s Road ve4y close to the sweeping s bends, this raised more concern of the danger this will pose if allowed to proceed

  2. Lianne Wosoter commented

    I have always thought that you apply for approval before doing the works. The works were done many months ago to accommodate fruit pickers therefore there was an increase in vehicles parked in the street during the peak blueberry season.

  3. Lareesa Thompson commented

    I live at 65 Newmans Road, Woolgoolga.
    My home is on an extremely dangerous bend, so my main concern is the amount of cars sometimes parked on both sides of the street.  At times I've counted up to 8 cars on the street that all belong to people living at 61 Newmans Rd. It was difficult enough before trying to get in and out of my driveway.  Now it's more dangerous and an accident waiting to happen. We have witnessed a couple of close calls directly out the front of my house.  The road simply isn't wide enough to accommodate such parking on both sides of the road, and near a sweeping bend. Not to mention how busy Newmans Rd is at certain times of the day. 

  4. Susan Simmons commented

    I am writing to you about the residence next door that recently has been purchased and turned into a picker house . I'm sure you are aware of the term as their are many of these in the Woolgoolga area . 

    I  rang the council when the house was being renovated to inform them of what was going on and to ask what our rights were. I was told that they couldn't do this without d.a application but as I told them it's happened.  Subsequent council inspection said all good with it . Well done so much for council rules on development . 

    So here is my list of complaints since this picker house has been up and running!

    1. Cars obscuring the vision of a blind corner that is already dangerous from traffic travelling from west to east with no regard to driveways .

    2.Lighting...the house is lit up like a Christmas tree at night which is all on the side of our bedrooms . The back enclosed veranda is all glass and has no window furnishings to block out light at night . The dining room has a blind and is now being pulled down most nights after 2 polite visits to talk to the tenants about the lights being left on all night . Our biggest problem with our loss of wonderfully quiet neighbours is since the garage has been turned in to 2 bedrooms , the window is directly opposite our bathroom window which we now have to be careful in our own home of our state of dress in walking in to our bathroom! We shouldn't have to be concerned about this as it should be a garage window , that's the way house are built to give some privacy to each other .

    3. The house now echo's with the tenants talking at night.  We are assuming because it's all tile and the few blinds aren't enough to muffle the noise of people talking . We had a friend staying with us and told us in the morning he got what we were talking about   it sounds like it's in the room with you . They are up quite late , I am not .

    So in finishing we feel you have failed in yr responsibility in allowing this to occur in neighbourhoods in Woolgoolga so a select few can prosper from this. I realise these people need homes and the farms need workers but the original residents deserve some rights. We didn't buy our house with this business next door and you had better hope it hasn't affected our value .

    Look forward to hearing from you on how you are going to address our issues 

    Susan & Peter Simmons 

  5. Robert Buckley commented

    I find it hard to understand how a person applying for a DA approval as I speak now working on this conversion of a garage into two bedrooms, until the approval has been passed, there is more consideration needed by council regarding other residents rights, privacy, noise, and more concerning the premises allowing for off street parking, besides the proper construction regulations (BCA) for a liveable area all these maters come into consideration, given the fact the owner has taken two car parking areas already by illegally converting the garages into bedrooms, leaving possibly perhaps two vehicles space on the property, the other area in behind the building line must comply with building requirements regarding landscaping ect,

    Fact is when the picking season is in full swing we then get as many as 12 people possibly more renting beds, this has the effect of an overload of parking putting strain on a very busy road and effectively causing problems with other neighbors with the parking and other complaints regarding noise, privacy, and lighting issues

    I have been in the building industry all of my working life and held a full license, if I were to have ignored the regulations, arrogantly just do as I pleases disregarding the council and the building code of Australia, I would have had the council stop my project immediately and would had received a heavy fine along with a possible suspension of my license.

    So one would have to ask why this owner has been allowed to continue without any consequences, does he have friends in council or a special license that can override all the relevant authorities, why is he now still working on the project at this moment without any concern from council

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