13-23 Gibbons Street, Redfern,

13-23 Gibbons Street, Redfern - Demolition of existing structures and construction of an 18-storey mixed-use student accommodation development with basement, comprising 488 student accommodation rooms and ground level retail.

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  1. Kathryn Waples commented


    I have concerns over the following points:
    - number of residents - it is a significant increase on the local area
    - security issues given that it is proposed for short term student rentals who are generally not community minded like apartment owners
    - hours of operation of the exterior cafe/business proposed for William Lane
    - substantial reduction in light on my apartment given the proposed 18 levels
    - impact on local environment & infrastructure including Policing, waste management etc
    - proximity of building works and disruption to the foundations of our building (massive issues in the past for our building)
    - traffic management of the building site during demolition and construction phase
    - general cleanliness of area and our building during construction phase given that our building is only a matter of metres away from the our boundary.

    I am happy to provide more information and discuss at any time.

  2. Deidre Gai Mitchell commented

    There needs to be a maximum number of student accommodatin in this area because the traffic and pedestrian flow will be impacted. There is already Iglu in Regent Street; a proposal for Eveleigh Street of 24 storeys. There are enough student accomm in Abercrombie and Darlington Road and also Central Park. Enough is enough. The community village atmosphere is disappearing and we are Isolating our low socio economic group. Its not always about money but good taste.

  3. David Glover commented

    As a nearby resident, I'm concerned at the dramatic increase in population with all the student accommodation that's been built or approved.

    There are several hundred units completed and hundreds more already approved. So we simply don't yet know their full impact.

    While I'm certainly not opposed in principle, I feel we should pause on further approvals until those already approved are complete, occupied and we have a better understanding of their impact on the local area.

    I'm also concerned at what may happen if there turns out to be an oversupply of student accommodation and its use changes.

    I note that City of Sydney has approved use of Urbanest on Abercrombie Street as tourist and visitor accommodation outside term time (in spite of their original DA having an explicit condition that this would not happen). I have very serious concerns about student accommodation intended for full-time occupancy being used for tourist accommodation with its frequent arrivals and departures. I note that none of the current or planned buildings have any provision for off-street vehicle access. So all the arrivals, departures, luggage, tour groups etc happens on the street (often double-parked). This is both inconvenient and unsafe. And it's happening right now with Urbanest on Abercrombie.

    Ideally, let's pause before approving yet more of this type of use to give us time to properly understand its impact.

    If not, I would strongly recommend this and all plans include provision for loading and unloading passengers on the site rather than on the road to at least reduce the disruption and improve the safety of this.

  4. Jane Seldon commented

    Good gracious, enough already, there is an overwhelming amount of student accommodation in this area, much to the detriment of long term residents and families.
    There is not near the amount a recreational space for any more than already here.
    And if the this greedy governments totally overwhelming concept of what they think is appropriate for Waterloo we shall be the most overcrowded area in Sydney.
    I also see no plans here for either sustainable or low cost housing.
    This to me is another greedy grab by developers to not consider the area but to squeeze every dollar they can for the cheapest possible outlay.
    No matter what you chose to believe there will be extra parking needed and we have no need for more retail. The cafes that are here are more than adequate.
    Just another grab for high rentals.

    Look after the current community, people who have been paying your rates for years, consider the impact of yet another few hundred students and if every second one becomes a food courier we are in trouble.
    Students themselves are lovely but we have no facilities left.

    Dear Planning Minister, I would like to know what you have learnt about planning, human factors, demolition, sustainability, conservation, community needs, recycling, utilities access and over supply.
    Just imagine if your home was inundated in this way how would you feel.?

  5. Kelly O'Brien commented

    I have concerns relating to the following:

    - The dormitory rooms planned for the podium mean high density bedrooms looking directly into our properties at 1 Margaret st
    - The podium height is higher than planning standards
    - There is already another property at 80-88 regent st being assesed for student housing in addition to the newly completed Iglu at 66 regent st. This is already a huge increase in student housing within a very small area. I agree with Donald Glover's comment that the impact of current plans should be measured before any more are approved.
    - The planning documents show the Podium on Margaret st side being up to the boundary. Does this mean the building will be even closer to 1 Margaret st than the current building
    - This seems to be premium priced student accommodation. How does this address housing affordability in inner sydney?
    - what measures are in place to minimise disruption and noise for the residents in 1 margaret st?
    - what measures can be made to allow sunlight for the residents at 1 margaret st? Is something like the heliostat at central park chippendale feasible? Based on the plans it seems we will have a significant decrease in light into our building.
    - how will additional parking requirements be met?
    - the laneway seems to be only optional at this stage, will there be an increase to the building size if the laneway is not approved?
    - overall it seems to be a very large building proposed for a small site.

  6. Stefanie Almgren commented

    As resident that has just seen yet another approval go ahead with the Iglu on regent st and now this coming up for approval, enough with the student housing and affordable housing.
    I have concerns with the numbers that will be the bedrooms - fire hazards, how is this regulated?
    What about the height of the building, this will block views that I currently have and also have "new residents" looking into the building. Another investor cashing in when the height should remain the same as the original building and no higher!
    The parking situation is already bad, with the stripping of 10 spots last year on Gibbons st and now the closure of Marian St near the station - thats a considerable loss, will there be more parking thats untimed? what are the measures in place?
    I wholeheartedly agree with Kelly her concerns are also mine;
    - proximity of building works and disruption to the foundations of our building (massive issues in the past for the street, with already traffic jams)
    - traffic management of the building site during demolition and construction phase
    - general cleanliness of area and buildings during construction phase given that other buildings have done the same and caused bugs and rodents to come out of the demo.
    - there is already a considerable amount of noise along Gibbons St, how are you going to reduce this and the impact made on all the buildings in street.

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