455 Captain Cook Drive, Woolooware

Construction of Stage 1 Precinct of Woolooware Bay Town Centre

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 1 year ago. The date it was received by them was not recorded.

(Source: NSW Joint Regional Planning Panels, reference 2019SSH002 DA)


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  1. kerry and syd coomes commented

    This is a gross over development of the site. It is destroying the local community's lifestyle and amenity by imposing high rise development in what should have remained an R2 and recreational area. As well as causing further traffic congestion and putting strain on schools and medical facilities. Where are residents going to park? They are going to park in the streets in the nearby neighbourhood. It is also destroying irreplaceable views of the bay and city from residents of Castlewood Ave. Had the developer left the heights of the buildings at six storeys or looked at redesigning the layout of the buildings a better outcome may have been achieved for the residents of Castlewood Ave. I object to the extra units and heights but as this development has already been approved by the Dept of Planning i am probably wasting my time writing this. It should not have been approved by Dept of Planning and goes against the original Concept Approval safeguards. eg Section 96

  2. Jon dodd commented

    Well now we have the ghettos of woolooware Bay, over development of this land is an understatement, surely the occupancy to area ratio here does not comply with SSCLEP rules and I wonder if the external cladding of these buildings comply with fire combustion regulations.

    How many high density high rise building can be put on once reclaimed land, surely reclaimed land on the edge of a mangrove waterway is not structurally sound with such a high water table for such high density buildings.

    Those of us who use captain cook drive, woolooware on sporting weekends and weekdays during peak periods and when sports training is on realise now that their are extensive traffic delays pasting through Captain cook drive , woolooware from Wills Road and gannons Road, due to the normal passing traffic and the influx of people and cars to the sporting events. This indicates that a further influx of residents and their cars to high density living towers and a shopping village which is to be built will cause disasterous traffic congestion to this area.

    Amongst other things, the approval of this development has been in poor judgement and of poor taste and I think it’s time to call for a Royal Commision into how such developments come to be.

  3. Karen dodd commented

    I think it’s disguishing to have such a high number of high rise buildings in that Caringbah north / woolooware area, when no real infrastructure has been update to cope with the increased population.

  4. Jon dodd commented

    I would like to refer the NSW Joint Regional Planning Panels in making their decisions on this development at 455 captain Cook Drive, Woolooware to the 60 minutes segment on ‘the opal’ Tower. Tonight 3/2/2019

    This segment summed up the situation much better and clearer than I can write it here, in short regarding,
    Building quality of many thousands of new developments, in particular focusing on the opal tower.
    Leaving investors stranded in cases of faulty and bad building practises,
    Off the plan units “not knowing what the purchaser will end up with on completion”
    Recommendation from experts ‘that they would not buy”
    Falling property prices leaving property investors with an asset worth less than their mortgages

    Interesting but very damming to new multi high rise developments.

  5. Bec commented

    This is a fantastic development, and much needed for this area. It will bring with it a shopping complex to cater to the entire coastal region. The closest large Coles/Woolworths to service the coastal suburbs of Kurnell, Cronulla, Greenhills, Woolooware, Burraneer etc is located in Caringbah South. Has anyone actually thought about the comments made re 'no infrastructure being put in place'? Building this development will mean a lot less people on roads going West to shop won't it? I have never seen a buildup of traffic along the roads close to the Woolooware Bay development - The only buildup is Gannons Road, which has NOTHING to do with the development in Woolooware. Stop whinging about every single high rise development. Unless people can all afford single standalone houses, this is what is required for people to own homes. Move with the times people.. It's not the 70s anymore.. we can't all have the quarter acre block (unless you have the money to) - we need affordable housing close to transport, close to shops! Bring on the smart developments with homes / shopping / play facilities in close proximity. Its great!

  6. Jon dodd commented

    I have to say that I have never whinged about any developments anywhere, until this development at Woolooware Bay, surely you can see that this woolooware Bay Area from woolooware road to Gannons Road when this development is finished With another how many residential towers, a shopping centre and a hotel is going to be hugely over developed.
    Honestly we are not talking about 100 units here, it’s probably more like 1000 units, a shopping centre with major retailers and a hotel,.
    It sounds like you don’t travel this road very often, afternoons when sports training is on from about 4 pm west bound traffic is chaos, it can take 15 minutes to travel from woolooware road to Gannons road about 500 metres. The weekends when the sports fields are in play, the traffic is chaos, just imagine having a shopping centre there as well as another 255 units.
    It’s beyond a joke and should never have been approved, Australia has about 7.7 million square kilometres of land, we don’t need multi high rise developments like this one and others that have been built in the sutherland shire. It needs to stop.

    The R4 developments need to be seriously revised. Just have a look at Cronulla, heavy residential, their is no way that such a large number multi storey high rise in such a small radius can be healthy and or safe. Go for a drive down Gerale street, MacDonald St, Ozone St, Cronulla Street, Surf Lane, Croydon St, Parramatta Street, Elizabeth st, you will find all multi storey Unit blocks, the old red brick units being demolished to make way for new developments with more units. It is traffic chaos in these streets after 6.30 am every day.

  7. Jon dodd commented

    This will be my last post on this topic of the development at 455 captain Cook Drive, Woolooware.
    I urge residents who read these comments that it is extremely important to post your views, whether you are for or against this development.
    Please do your research on this development before commenting.

    Please contact the NSW department of Housing and ask them what percentage of these units they have the right to for public housing. (I think it is 10%) over a certain size.
    When you find out the answer please ask them their vetting procedures for their applicants, are they new immigrants, recently released prison inmates, our local homeless people, and or just people doing it tough and need a roof over their head. Please double check the vetting procedures to ensure the safety of our children and our elderly who are not capable of defending themselves.
    Then give the fire and Rescue a ring at Alexandria and ask them how high their ladders extend because you are think of buying on the 11th floor, and how many officers could they send to rescue you if the unforeseen happened and you needed to be rescued along with the other 3 to 4,000 residents.
    Then to satisfy yourself that you are buying yourself a home and lifestyle, or an investment, have a look at market prices now to prices paid for the first units purchased off the plan and remember with the current rate of units being built, when you want to sell in five to ten years time how your investment or home will sell with another 3 to 4,000 new units on the market in the sutherland shire in competition to your unit.

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