2 O'Reilly Street Parramatta NSW 2150

Development Application - Demolition, tree removal and construction of a boarding house containing 33 boarding rooms and managers residence with basement parking.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 7 months ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Parramatta City Council, reference DA/56/2019)


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  1. Barry Moore commented

    I am against this application,
    It seem to me to be an overdevelopment of a very small block of land that can / will / could house approximately 66 people.

    All the other housing blocks in O'Reilly st have 8 units on average, with 12 to 20
    people on site, on larger blocks of land. These blocks of land are larger than the application.
    It is an overdevelopment of a relatively small block of hand, An appropriate development would be eight units with 20 people on site in keeping with the development of the street.
    Please block this application.

  2. Nina Sanjana commented

    There is a strong community connection in the area. The entire area, which is composed of residents of mixed backgrounds, plays an active role in the well-being of this neighborhood. It is an area with young families and lots and lots of young children. There are young mums with strollers or walking their young children. There are also elderly people, quite frail, vulnerable and incapacitated, who sit outside to get a bit of sun and some ease. The sense of community-feel, safety, well-being, and comfort is paramount in this neighborhood.
    While talking to the local residents many of them are very sympathetic to the helpless who need to stay in boarding houses, but, since this neighborhood has a high density area of young families and young children and the old and frail, it was felt it may not be the right fit for a boarding home with such a large number of boarders. So far I have not found a single person who approves of this development proposal in this community.
    On the point of overcrowding: a boarding house with such large numbers would cause a lot of congestion on the very small O’Reilly Street where parking is barely available currently. A boarding house at full capacity would also mean a lot of congestion of people using the narrow footpaths.
    Furthermore, maximum capacity of boarders has not been specified. It could mean 33, or possibly 66 if it is two per room. Whether its 33 or 66 this is sheer overcrowding and adequate studies show these situations are not good for mental and physical well-being.
    It looks like Parramatta Council building plans sadly neglected to take in the views of the residents of this neighborhood. Nor did they take into consideration the well-being of the vulnerable boarders who may find their living quarters over-crowded, or that they may find it difficult to stay in an area where the bustle and noise of children loudly crying, laughing and playing may require considerable adjustment.

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