73 Birdwood Avenue, Umina Beach NSW 2257

Secondary Dwelling with Removal of Shed, Pond & Trees

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website 7 months ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Central Coast Council (Gosford), reference 012.2018.00055416.001 )


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  1. Rosemary Marr commented

    One more step towards the creation of desert on the peninsula. The removal of these mature trees should not be permitted.

  2. Lesley Harvey commented

    Too often, land for renewal projects are clear-felled where not even a blade of grass or a weed is left. Can the owners building their granny flat work around the existing trees for shade? At the very least, plant an advanced native specimen when the job is finished?
    The Peninsula is now rated (with Warnervale and Long Jetty) the hottest area for heat island effect from radiation off hard surfaces (roads/pavers/paths, rooves and tin fencing). Any shade tree would be a great addition to this property and the local area.

  3. Sue Garling commented

    How many more secondary dwellings do we need on the Peninsula? It’s becoming a slum of cheap housing with no trees. When is the over development and consent reduction in green space and loss of trees going to stop???

  4. Dani commented

    Well Said Sue Garling!!!

    The slum like conditions are spreading fast and destroying the quality of life for all residents. This only ends badly and the downward spiral is hard to stop once it starts. What happens if fire breaks out - it will spread across these poorly considered and very poorly planned developments which break safe housing, noise and light pollution laws, environmental laws. There is no fire prevention being built into these developments and no consideration for safe housing.

    These developments must stop! Any development that has breached planning laws should be required to be fixed to meet them - anything over 50% of the land size between the 2 dwellings and over 60 m2 in size; and that causes noise pollution and light pollution to neighbours.

    This must stop! It only ends with poor quality of life in the area, housing values plummeting, and social problems spreading fast.

    Council needs to do more to support the peninsula.

  5. Nathalee Matthews commented

    Thank you Sue!

    Sue you have said it so well.
    Sadly, those living in tiny 2 bedroom granny flats are not boosting the economy on the Peninsula.
    I fear it is too late however.
    No decent sized family homes means no decent families. Families are predominantly the ones who boost our school enrollments, spend money at local shops and spend their time on the Peninsula supporting libraries, playgroups, sports etc.
    The number of shops now closed is a clear indicator of the downward spiral we are in.

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